go-to summer glow products

I am a firm believer that having a nice tan glow boosts confidence ten-fold, especially in the summer. Every time I have sun-kissed skin I feel like I can conquer the world, it’s the best feeling. I want y’all to have those summer glow feelings too, so I’m sharing my go-to summer glow products.

I mean look at those legs y’all.

Anyways, bed tanning is so 90’s. Skin cancer anyone? There are so many ways to safely get bronzed, but my go-to is at home sunless tanning. It’s just easier for me because I usually do it right before bed. It’s also usually the less expensive route, however it isn’t always the easiest to do on yourself, but after a couple times you’ll work it out.

There has been a lot of trial and error with different products I’ve tested over the years. I am in love with my go-to summer glow products, but there was a time when I tried something new and looked like a giraffe the next day. Doesn’t almost everyone has a tanning horror story?

I have two favorite brand when it comes to my go-to summer glow products. Just a disclaimer, I am not a self-tanning expert. These products work wonders for me, but read reviews or see if they’ll work on your skin type just in case.

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They are both amazing summer glow products, but they have a couple things that make them stand apart. I like that Loving Tan Express only takes 2 hours, so if you’re last minutes (like me), it will save you in a pinch.

Also, Loving Tan has a back tanning mitt that I would totally recommend if you don’t have someone to reach those hard spots.

St. Tropez is a better deal, usually, and I love their tan extending moisturizer. It smells amazing and really makes your tan last longer.

Basically, you can’t go wrong with any of the go-to summer glow products. Just make sure you follow the directions and maybe watch a video or two. Lastly, in the words of my girl Miranda Lambert, “tan fat is better than pale fat”.




mother’s day gifts.

What do you give the one person who has given you everything? Every year I want to give my mama the very best because of all she’s done for me. Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts isn’t always the easiest, but I curated the best gifts for all types of mamas out there. So spoil away, she deserves it.

P.S. can we take a moment to see how perfect my mama is. Thank you for being the feisty, southern matriarch of our family. I wouldn’t want to be a mini-me of anyone else and I hope to be half as good as a mama that you are.

The Perfect Mother’s Day gifts

The New Mama: It’s their first Mother’s Day, so it’s a big one. And since they’re changing diapers and cleaning spit up out of their hair, they deserve to be spoiled. This Kendra Scott bracelet is a fun way to incorporate the new babe’s birthstone or maybe even a pink or blue stone for the gender. Even better, it’s easy to put on for the mama’s juggling it all and it’s a unique Kendra Scott gift without being too basic. And because she’s taking naps whenever she can, get her this sleep mask that will keep her looking fresh and blocking out that midday sun.

The Hostess Mama: If your mama is anything like mine, then she loves to host. Any excuse to get people together, eat, drink, and have fun and my mom is in heaven. Any hostess with the mostess can never have enough serving trays and how gorgeous is this one?! The personalization is just an extra special touch and she’ll think of you when she uses it at all the dinner parties. And for all the wine her and the gals drink, now she can chill it in style.

The Working Mama: We all know, mama’s do it all. The working mama is no different. She probably would be happy with some piece and quiet as a gift, but we’ll spoil her a little better than that. I love doing a “spa set” as a Mother’s Day gift with all the necessities to unwind and these gifts are my go-to! A face mask set and Lush set is the perfect way to help mama relax.

The Zen Mama: Mama does goat yoga? My mom does, seriously. But, for that all organic mama this is the prettiest addition to any home. If she already has a diffuser, get her some pretty gardeningtools to help keep up the fresh garden in the backyard. She’ll be reminded of your sweet Mother’s Day gifts every time she plants something pretty.

The Trendy Mama: Do you ever find yourself asking your mom, “where did you get that top”? If yes, you’ve got a trendy mama. I’m proud to say that I helped my mom become a trendy mama and she’s got serious style now. Any trendy piece would be perfect, but maybe get her something fun that she wouldn’t pick out for herself. These colorful earrings or some fun summer mama wedges make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her.

The Sporty Mama: If your mom played tennis every morning after she dropped you off at school or lives in her workout clothes, you’ve got a sporty mama. This is the mama running a 5k while pushing her babe in the jogging stroller. She’s pretty much #goals. So, gift her this workout top that goes from gym to brunch. If that’s not her thing, this quirky yoga mat or mama hat will speak to her heart.

birthday boy.

Hey y’ all, Happy Thursday! It’s no ordinary Thursday though and this will be no ordinary post. It’s my 3rd birthday today, which means I’m really turning 21. I’m so excited to be the birthday boy. So, I wanted to share a few things with y’all since my mom normally does this. So, for my birthday I’m sharing 10 things about me, so you can get to know the fluffiest member of the Cunningham family.

1. My mom and I met when I was just 6 weeks old and we’ve grown up a lot since then. She rescued me and we’ve been best friends ever since. We have been through a lot together, even college. Now, we live in a big city and it’s not my favorite, but I love chasing big cars and construction workers.

2. My life motto: “No New Friends”. Honestly, Drake said it best, but I really only like a special select group of people. Mostly the people I’ve known since I was a puppy. I’m super protective over my mom so new people aren’t my jam.

3. My mom is my favorite person ever. Some people say we have an unhealthy relationship because I hate doing life without her, but it’s just because I love her so much. Sometimes I don’t even get excited when my dad comes home from work because I’m still just waiting for my #1 to get home. I mean being a momma’s boy isn’t so bad.

4. My favorite food is sweet potatoes or pizza. I even know the sound of a pizza box opening, so I always come running and can’t stop jumping up and down. Sometimes, I even start drooling because it just looks so good. I love pizza, but when the vet tells me to watch my weight, I dig in on the sweet potatoes. But the birthday boy always gets a busy bone and I can’t wait!

5. I’m part corgi, part heeler. When my mom rescued me, they said I was half corgi, half blue heeler, but mom and dad aren’t so sure. They sometimes think I’m part red heeler, but either way I’m definitely corgi and heeler. I have big heeler ears and heeler coloring, but with a corgi body. Don’t worry I can still run faster than you with these little legs.

6. I love to cuddle. Ever since my mom brought me home, we love cuddling. I let my mom rest her head on me sometimes, but I really love to plop down next to her and cuddle. My favorite is laying between mom and dad under the covers like a human and letting them pet me. It’s the best and I always get extra cuddles when I’m the birthday boy. It’s just a good day to be me.

7. I like to think I’m pretty smart. My Mimi loves to teach me new tricks and I always pick up on them really fast. I even have puzzles that I do for treats and they’re so easy. I know I have to do tricks for a treat so I usually just combine all my tricks into one so I can eat!

8.  I kinda have big, white teeth for my small body. I know my mom likes to be transparent with y’all, so I wanted to do the same. I used to be insecure about it, but I embrace it now and I have a killer smile to show for it.

9. My favorite toy is all my toys. Seriously, I can’t get enough. Every month I get a new Bark Box and those become my favorite toys. I keep all my other ones around the house, but right now I’m loving the seagull and pirate that I got last week.

10. My favorite activity is going on a walk. My parents picked the best neighborhood because it’s filled with cats and other dogs so going on a walk is fun. I love to try and chase the cats, but love seeing my frienemies at each house. I like to make sure they know who is boss, but try to stay a little friendly.

So, now you know all about me just like you know a lot about my mom. I’m a pretty special birthday boy.



Little White Dress

The Little Black Dress is an iconic piece. I mean “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” kind of iconic. However, the other half of the LBD is a darling Little White Dress, which happens to be my favorite of the two. You can truly never go wrong with an LWD. For every occasion that is perfect for a Little Black Dress, spice it up and go light. With a pop of color, with neutrals, with nothing else, a LWD changes your wardrobe game. So, I’m breaking down my favorites for work, casual, and play. As always, they’re all under $100 because we’re all trying to look like a 10 for $10. That’s just how it goes around here.

one. two. three. four. five.

I wanted to mix it up with the dressier LWD’s and I love the different textures I them. Like give me all the lace. I swear every blogger has the fourth one, but I can totally see why. It’s adorable. It’s perfect for graduations or a bridal shower. They all would be perfect for that upcoming bachelorette party or a night out on your summer vacation.

one. two. three. four. five.

I love the versatility in these work dresses. Yes, most of them are sleeveless, but that’s your chance to put your personal touch on it. A colorful blazer, jean jacket, or comfy cardigan would all pair perfectly for these looks in the office. Shed the layers for happy hour after work and you still look so stinkin’ good.

one. two. three. four. five.

These casual Little White Dresses just make me so happy, but y’all know I love my casual looks. I love the fifth one because it’s so boho and would look amazing with some sun-kissed skin after a day at the beach. Basically it just makes me want to be at the beach and anything that makes me feel like that is a winner in my book. Also, the third one is the perfect simple, classic t shirt dress that is a must have. It’s well- made and won’t break the bank. You can style it almost a million different ways. So worth it.

So, next time you reach for a LBD, reach for something different and fresh. Reach for that Little White Dress.



bar cart essentials

Having a house is only fun if you get to decorate it, right? And a bar cart only looks good if you have the perfect bar cart essentials, right? Seriously, one of my favorite parts of life is getting to make a space feel like home, even my desk is a reflection of that. So, when the bar cart trend rolled around, literally, I jumped on board. It’s become a statement piece in our home so I had to share all my bar cart essentials with y’all too!

Adding a bar cart to your space doesn’t have to cost you a bunch. It’s easy to get distracted by all the super expensive pieces, but you can always make your space look like a 10 for an actual $10. Y’all know that’s my niche.

So, here are all my bar cart essentials.

  1. Bar cart: This is an obvious,  but deciding which one isn’t. Our exact bar cart is actually on sale right now HERE and so are some of our bar cart essentials. I love that ours is more masculine because I can add more feminine accessories to balance it out. Some other great places to look for a bar cart are Wayfair for any budget and West Elm for a higher budget.
  2. Books: Weird, but so true. I swear coffee table books can add so much to any space. I’m addicted to them. This is a perfect way to add height to your cart and show off different things. I have a mix of fun books and bar-related books on mine. I always find the best books HERE.
  3. Knick-Knacks: Y’all already know I love a good knick-knack from this post. It’s no different on the bar cart and they’re seriously a bar cart essential. I picked mine up at Home Goods, but this store HERE has something similar and is knick-knack heaven. If you live in or near Houston, I highly recommend going. Also, I have a big decorative box on my cart that I found at Home Goods to hold napkins, but I found other really cute boxes HERE and HERE.
  4. Alcohol: Duh. I mean you can’t have a bar cart without alcohol. That’s not right at all. So, I leave this “task” up to J and he never lets me down. He’s on a big whiskey kick currently so that’s helped fill out our cart. And if nothing else, this is the biggest bar car essential.
  5. Bar Tools: Even if you don’t know how to use them, they look good. We’ve acquired a couple bar tools over time that are practical and pretty. The best of both worlds. We have this cocktail shaker and this muddler. Target and Williams-Sonoma are definitely the places to go for bar tools.
  6. Drink Essentials: This really includes the glasses and everything that goes with it. J has a decanter and glasses that go with it. We also have wine glasses hanging and the infamous hurricane glass from Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans. Priorities. But, one of my favorite bar cart essentials are THESE drink stirrers. They are SO perfect. My sister gave them to J and we’re obsessed with this brand now. pro tip: Look at all their other bar stuff. SO cute.

So, now you’ve got a darling bar cart, all the essentials to style it, and the tools to make a cocktail. What else do you really need? 



spring accessories

spring accessories

Everyone knows I love a good accessory and I’ve got mountains of jewelry, purses, sunnies, and hats to prove it. Sometimes it isn’t easy to pick what accessories you really need or which ones to get if you’re looking for new goodies. So, I’m rounding up my favorite spring accessories to make life easier and your outfit even better.

Honestly, switching up your accessories can change the style of the same exact outfit. I definitely gravitate towards accessories because they’re usually pretty inexpensive. I never really feel like I’m denting the bank account that bad so it’s easier to say “yes” and add them to your cart. Anyone relate? If you follow me on Instagram, which you should, then you know I love a good statement earring. I’m a sucker for those and bracelets. I have working at Kendra Scott to thank for my love of bracelet stacks.

Below, I’ve gathered up all my favorite spring accessories. Everything is under $50! I’ve included all the sweetest pieces from statements to stacks. If you see something you like, just click and it will be linked. ALSO, do me a fav and click on the “Shop the Look” tab. I made a little, but definitely big change to the shop page and it’s now so much easier to shop my Instagram looks. Yay.

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life lessons anyone?

life lessons anyone?

Remember at the beginning of the year when we were all so excited to have the best 2018? Yeah, me too. Also, remember how I wanted to be transparent with everyone? Well, I wanted to share what’s been going on in my life and the life lessons I’ve been learning.

P.S. I’m sharing pictures of the best moments I’ve had lately, just because they are so good. Starting off with the man who puts up with my hot-mess self.

life lessons: love hard.

Life Lessons

Before I get into all this, I want you to know this isn’t a pity party. This is just a journal of how life works. There are always highs and lows. Also, people don’t talk about growing up and being on your own and how hard it can be to get through those life lessons. So I’m writing this to share what I’m going through and if it sounds familiar, I hope that this comforts you. Whatever you’re going through, or if you’re in the best season of your life, you’re not alone.

Anyways, the year started off really great. Then about 10 days in, life turned upside down and I was forced to learn a life lesson. I don’t want to be super specific, but just know I pride myself on being successful and pulling my weight in all aspects, and that was gone. At first, having freedom was great. A month into it, I was struggling to even get out of bed and brush my hair.

When people say “you’re your own worst critic”, I can 100% relate. I felt worthless because I didn’t know what to do with myself. I struggled to be a good wife and friend and hated that for myself and everyone around me.

Bright Side

But, there have been a lot of life lessons learned throughout this. I can’t say that I found my way out and I’ve discovered self worth without needing anything. However, I have been forced to step back and really understand just how lucky I am. This time allowed me to not just be another person rushing around with blinders on. I’ve really learned to appreciate all that I have been given and that’s invaluable. life lessons: spend time with loved ones.

The best part of all of this has been the ability to be there for so many moments with family and friends. I have been so blessed to spend hours and hours with my bestie’s sweet baby, spent more time with extended family, and just gained clarity on what is truly important. Growing my blog baby has been pretty fun too, here’s my favorite post lately.

life lessons: love your family.

I feel like people don’t share their true feelings enough. Honestly, I’m not the person that is just always wanting to share all my deepest thoughts, but there is something so comforting about sharing the not- so- good moments. Sometimes you forget that someone you admire is real and has learned life lessons too. P.S. my mom bought me this book a couple years ago and I’m making it my mission to read it and learn from it. Something I should have done a long time ago. Highly recommend.

So, if you’re having the best time of your life, bottle that feeling up and live in every moment of it. If you’re struggling with something big or small, step back, know your worth, and make that struggle your strength. It’s a lot easier said than done, trust me.



work wear for spring

work wear for spring

Work Wear for Spring: Part One

For me, work wear is one of the hardest categories to navigate. There’s always blurred lines between what one place finds to be professional/unprofessional versus another. Since I gravitate towards casual styles, work wear is a challenge. But I found some amazing pieces to spice up your work wardrobe for spring. I’m sharing two looks today and have two more looks to share later this week!

One of my biggest goals when I shop for work clothes is to make sure they are versatile, comfortable, and fun. Loft is one of my favorite places to shop for work clothes because they’re always having a sale and they mix professional with style, perfectly.

Even better, everything I’m sharing this week can be mixed and matched. So if you like different pieces from different looks, don’t be afraid to try them together!

Look One

First of all, can we please talk about this top! I’m seriously in love. It’s a lightweight fabric that’s perfect for spring and summer. The sleeves are so fun and give a typical work shirt a trendy twist. I paired it with my go-to black skirt, but it can be worn so many ways. You can wear it to work or on the weekends with shorts and sandals.

I found these shoes on sale a couple weeks ago and they are the perfect work shoe for me. (They aren’t on sale online, but check your local stores!) They are a great neutral color and they have a darling tassel detail. Most importantly, they are comfortable and affordable!


Look Two

What work wear post would be complete with a cardigan? Clearly none. Cardigans aren’t always my favorite, but I found a cardi that is flattering and simple. I love that it doesn’t have pockets, isn’t super baggy, and is really lightweight. It makes it so easy to toss on over this sleeveless top that I’m wearing. P.S. this top is on super sale! Can we talk about the adorable tassels? Just an easy way to spice up an already perfect work wear piece.

Again, it’s something that isn’t just for work. This is a perfect piece to go with white jeans and wedges for a date night look. You can shop my favorite wedges here.

You can find my heels on this post and I explain more on why they are such a great pair of heels. They’re sold in a ton of different colors here so you can pair them with just about anything.

I can’t wait to share the other looks with y’all this week. P.S. stay updated on my Instagram because something reallllllll good is happening tomorrow! Get excited.



diy side tables

Well y’all. You wanted to see it. So J and I documented every step (and back-track step) of the DIY makeover of our bedside tables. Just as a forewarning, I know we may look just like them, but we are no Chip and Jo. But this project turned out really good. Sometimes we surprise ourselves and things look amazing.

So, here’s what our bed side tables looked like before. This is Jackson’s setup, notice the beer. J bought this sander  because hand sanding these would be a biscuit and we got down to it with the rough sandpaper (60 Grit). Fun fact, the lower the grit, the rougher the paper. J didn’t feel the paper before we bought it so we had to go back for paper that didn’t feel like a tissue, literally.

Here is the table after we sanded it down. You can see where some of the stain lifted completely which is fine. We also filled in the drawer holes with wood filler.
We took the legs off the tables to make it easier to sand and paint.


The Fun Stuff

We used this paint in the color “My Lorgnette”, but you can get it customized into a bunch of different colors. We’ve used it on another DIY project before and it’s just a perfect, light gray color.

So, this is where we totally weren’t thinking. I started painting and we realized we didn’t create the new holes for the drawer pulls. Whoops. We went with these drawer pulls in the extra small size and we love them.

Anthropologie always has different drawer pulls and knobs on sale. They’re a fun and super easy way to change up your furniture without any painting or power tools.

After J measured out and drilled the new holes, I finished the first coat of paint. I always do two coats, but I did three on the top. Just because I knew it would be the most used surface and I didn’t want to risk it chipping or getting stained.

I know this picture looks super scary/weird, but it was the only way I could prop the legs up to dry. It worked like a charm too. I just flipped over a patio chair and stuck them in.

There is a matching seal that goes with the paint we used, but it’s not my favorite. I’ve used it on projects before and it wasn’t as sturdy so I went with the heavy-duty stuff for this project. It only takes one coat, which is such a time saver. I went with the semi-gloss, but it comes in different gloss shades and again, I did two coats on the top just to make sure it was basically bullet-proof.

If you’ve met J, you know why I did this. He is the definition of “bull in a china shop”, but you gotta love him.

Just follow the instructions on the sealant and make sure you use a good brush so you don’t get any bristles stuck on your project. Let it dry, add your hardware, and enjoy. Just like the instructions on a Lean Cuisine, y’all. Easy peasy.


I had to show y’all my table while it’s still clean. I have my favorite ring dish, my Louis Vuitton book from our trip, a picture of J and I, and my fav candle. Also, we’re getting new lamps soon (thank goodness).

P.S. Volcano is everything.

My ring dish is sold out, but this one is super similar and on sale. It’s SO stinkin’ cute.

So basically, if I can go full Chip and Jo with this DIY, y’all can too. I hope this is helpful and I can’t wait to share our next project!



wedding planning: bridal party

wedding planning: bridal party

Next to who you’re choosing to marry, which is pretty freaking important, it’s so important to choose the very best people to stand by you on your big day. You think it’s a no-brainer, but it’s not always the easiest task. Choosing your bridal party is so important because it can really affect how your wedding day and all the other special days go. So, I’ve put together a guide for brides and bridesmaids breaking down all the important parts of your bridal party.

Side note, I had literally the very best people in my life by my side. My bridal party was one of my few bridezilla moments, but I stuck with my heart and felt like if someone couldn’t take a couple days out of their life to support me, then they weren’t a true friend. Sounds harsh, but when it comes down to it, you’re only doing this once. The people standing by you should be so supportive. In the end, I had the best bridesmaids I could imagine. Every vendor commented on how fun and funny we are (hair flip) and we kept my hair girl laughing the whole time. That’s just who we are.

  • Pick people that would drop anything for you and vice versa. After all the engagement hype dies down, who is really there for you? Those are your people.
  • Spoil your bridal party. I think it’s so important to spoil the people in your life all the time, but especially during this season of your life. They are about to spoil you with their time, gifts, and love, so return the favor.
  • Pick the girls that you have fun with. Nobody like a Debbie Downer on your big day.
  • Make them feel important. You’re obviously like number one during this whole thing, but it’s also your job to make them feel number one too. This kinda goes with spoiling them, but honestly just don’t go bridezilla all the time.
  • Include your bridal party in planning. When I was my besties maid of honor, she asked my opinion throughout the process and trusted my ideas. I was so appreciative. And honestly, it never hurts to get a second or third opinion on things.
  • Choose people that are supportive of you and your future husband.
  • It’s never too late to make changes to your bridal party. This goes back to my bridezilla moment. It’s so true though. Sooo many people don’t talk to a bridesmaid or two down the line, but I didn’t want that at all. I mean nobody does, but I wanted to make sure that wasn’t going to happen. Don’t be afraid to stick with your gut and make changes. J was so supportive when things went south with one of my girls and it made it so much easier to make that decision.

Honestly, don’t expect your bridesmaids to drop their lives and book a week long bachelorette party to Vegas and buy the $400 bridesmaids dress. Be realistic and be respectful of their time and money. At the end of the day, what’s important is that you have your favorite people by your side.

From left to right: My little sister, Corinne. J’s sister, Mae. My KS gal, Kelsey. My college bestie, Lizzy. My big, Brittany. My college roomie, Kelly.

Also, you can read about their dresses and accessories here. Highly recommend watching the wedding video here to hear speeches and see how amazing the day was.