gallery wall diy

One of my favorite parts of my home is my gallery wall. It’s such a statement maker and it’s so easy to put together an effortless gallery wall diy. I’m sharing my 4 tips and tricks to get that perfect gallery wall.

  1. Mix up textures. If you’re going for a more “found object” look like me, definitely mix up textures, wood finishes, metallics, and everything else. There’s no perfect formula for mixing it up, but don’t worry about things “not going together. They will all come together. My advice: do things in odd numbers. Like have 1 wooden frame, 3 metallic frames, 1 mirror, etc. It makes it look more organic.
  2. Always check the clearance section. I would dig through the Home Goods clearance to find the perfect pieces for my gallery wall diy. Check out Hobby Lobby in store for the best prices, Way Fair always has good stuff, and Target never disappoints.
  3. Showcase all your favorites. I used my gallery wall diy to show off some of my favorite family photos and wedding photos. It’s the perfect way to have your favorite moments on display for guests.
  4. Lay it all out. This is a must, unless you want to put a million holes in your wall. Measure your wall space, and lay out all your items on the floor to see how you want everything before you hang it. Some people worry about spacing everything the same way, but I like having something closer together than others. It’s all about preference.

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