how I organized our pantry and bathroom for under $100

It’s taken me a while to get my ish together, literally. HAHA. Pleasseeee tell me you laughed out loud at that. Anyways, our space has needed some serious organizing, so the last couple of weeks I’ve got down to business. So I’m showing you how I organized our pantry and bathroom for under $100. Also, I’m sharing some tips and tricks that I picked up along the way and of course, links to everything I used.

bathroom organization
skin, nails, + lips
makeup essentials
skin, nails, + lips

Organizing our bathroom was long overdue. So first, I had to go through everything and decide what I was going to keep, throw away, or donate. And YES, you can donate beauty products. I highly recommend donating to Project Beauty Share. Click HERE for more info.

After I sorted through everything, I cleaned the drawers and was able to come up with a tentative game plan for how i wanted to organize everything. I didn’t get super official and measure the drawers, but I would recommend that so you can make sure the storage baskets you’re getting actually fit. Thankfully, I eyeballed everything and it fit perfectly.

Then came buying all the storage. Not going to lie, it’s slightly overwhelming and I went down the kitchen, bathroom, and general storage aisles at Target probably 15 times in one trip.

My game plan was to write down all the groups of products that I wanted together and buy containers for each group. If that makes any sense. See below for a screenshot of my list.

Once you have everything ready to be put back in the drawers, it’s basically a game of Tetris. That’s basically the really educated plan I had when I organized our pantry and bathroom. I had to play around with how I wanted things and I think it’s dependent on how/ what you use most.

I put my hair tools and products in the lowest drawers since it’s the deepest drawer. Keeping a tray of products on my counter gave me more room in the drawers, and they’re all things I use every day, so why not have them out anyways.

pantry organization

Basically, I applied everything I just said above, to our pantry. It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better than how it started so I’m happy.

Again, I just organized it by what we use most often and put that in the center and went up and down from there. It’s already helped so much and we can now actually see what we have. Which is always helpful.

what I used to organize

When it comes to deciding what kind of containers, baskets, bins, cubes, or whatever the heck else is out there, it’s hard. Clearly, there’s no end of options, but I personally like the look of clear bins. Plus, you can actually see what’s in it.

My biggest advice on choosing containers, find what works and buy them all, haha. But seriously, After I organized our pantry and bathroom, I think I’ve found that the best storage is easy to clean and sturdy. Don’t be afraid to venture into other aisles of the store and get a kitchen container for your bathroom, or vice verse. I found most of my containers in the kitchen section at Target and they were super affordable and that’s basically how I was able to organize our bathroom and pantry for under $100.

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