the best gift giver.

Since my birthday is right around the corner, like the ‘in 3 days‘ corner, I knew I had to share my favorite thing about birthdays. Of course, cake and ice cream come in at a close second, but I am always looking for ways to be the best gift giver.

If you are already super confident in your gift giving game, go on with your bad self, but also scroll down for a special discount to my new fav gift. If you are a last minute gift card girl, keep reading. We’ll get you giftin’ the good stuff in no time.

Before I start, giving gift cards or more generic gifts aren’t a bad thing. You know the person you’re buying a gift for better than me and some people love that pre-loaded plastic. I just want to share some of my fav ways to think outside of the box because who doesn’t want to be the best gift giver in the friend group?

This gift is my new all-time favorite. I shared on my Instagram that one of J’s best friend got married recently. We’re close with them and have been there for us, so I knew I wanted to think outside the box. (Before you venture outside of a registry, make sure the majority of their items have been purchased. You don’t want to do your own thing, try to be the best gift giver, and leave your friends without silverware.)

So, I found this amazing gal who actually goes to the same school we all went to, and she paints custom bibles and journals. They’re amazing. I knew they would be pretty from what I saw online, but I was in awe when it arrived. The Painted Gospel is so detailed and just seriously lovely.

I was able to tell her what my vision was for the bible and she killed it. I also love that it’s a journal bible so I went through and added some notes for them throughout.

This gift is perfect for a baby shower gift, wedding gift, graduation, new teacher, new house, or birthday gift. There’s really no occasion that this wouldn’t be so good for.

It’s so good that she gave me a coupon code just for y’all. Use code: keepingitcaitlin20 at checkout for 20% off!

Another amazing gift that I just found out about is perfect for you Houston girls. It’s called The Posey Delivery.

Amanda, from Amanda’s Bee’s, who is a total boss babe, hand delivers flowers that she personally picks out. She has been featured on wedding websites and is a pro, so you always know you’re getting a gorgeous arrangement. It doesn’t get much more thoughtful than this.

On top of it all, each flower has a meaning and you can read about each one in the mood board card that she sends with the flowers. The detail she puts into this flower delivery is off the charts.

You can send a one time posey or purchase a subscription. I love this idea because you can spoil someone even after their birthday or whatever occasion. That’s the ultimate sign of being the best gift giver.

Also, she does “floratainment” which I’m kinda obsessed with. She’ll come to an event you’re hosting and do a floral class or make flower crowns! Talk about a perfect party favor! You can read all the details right here.

Thoughtfulness. That’s really the key. I love to give people something that is thoughtful. Think about your conversations. If they just moved into an apartment and struggle with cooking, take them to a cooking class! Did your best couple friends just buy a house? Order them a custom print of their first home to hang in their house.



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