our stay at The Fredonia Hotel

You know when you love something so much that it hurts when it’s not around? Yeah, that’s how I feel when I’m not at The Fredonia Hotel. I grew up coming to this iconic hotel and I swear, it’s only gotten better over the years. So, I’m taking you through all the highlights of our stay, and of course I have a treat too. Now through the end of August, you can book a stay (for any dates) and use code CAITLIN20 for a discount.

Just a little backstory on why we love this place so much. Nacogdoches is the home of SFA, where J and I went to school. It’s where so many important people in our lives went to school too. It’s just such a special place for so many reasons and you can’t know Nacogdoches without knowing The Fredonia Hotel. Also, click HERE for a major throwback post on why it’s my favorite spot in Texas.

The Fredonia Hotel// experience

I wish I could bottle up the true magic of experiencing the Fredonia Hotel and share it with you. It’s 2 1/2 hours from Houston or Dallas and the perfect getaway since big trips are on pause. The southern hospitality, the charm, and the attention to detail make it a true gem. J and I started calling it “the resort” after the first day because we realized we never needed to leave the property. We could eat at the cafe for lunch, head to the pool and order cocktails, play some corn hole, eat at the Republic Steakhouse, and watch a movie during a night swim. All without leaving the hotel and without ever losing that small town charm. It’s the perfect weekend getaway spot and you could make a 4 day stay out of it, easily.

the Fredonia Hotel// decor

What makes the Fredonia such an iconic hotel is the rich history. Along with everything else I’m about to gush over, but the starting point is the decor and history behind this place. Originally built in 1930, this place is deep rooted in East Texas history and has been an iconic part of Nacogdoches. It was renovated while J and I were in college, but they kept all the best retro parts of the hotel and mixed in modern amenities. It’s like you stepped onto the set of Mad Men and the Republic Steakhouse is even more retro, Texas goodness. I love that while it’s trendy, I still see familiar architecture and details that I remember from staying here 20 years ago.

the Fredonia Hotel// food

Y’all really think I wasn’t going to talk about the BOMB food we had while staying at The Fredonia? HA! Okay, let me sum it up. IT. WAS. SO. GOOD. That’s all you need to know. But seriously, the 1st City Cafe does breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are even open to the public, that’s how good it is. They serve all kinds of Texas goodness and there wasn’t one meal that was less than 10/10. When you book, I highly recommend booking a dinner at the Republic Steakhouse. It’s attached to the hotel and truly one of the best meals/hospitality we’ve ever experienced. Check out my “Fredonia” highlight on Instagram to see more.

the Fredonia Hotel// The Shop

The Shop is unlike any other hotel gift shop, ever. Just like every other inch of the Fredonia, The Shop is light, bright, and perfectly curated. Yes, you have your adorable hotel t-shirts, but you also can find jewelry, cologne, and home goods from local, small businesses throughout Texas. It’s truly one of a kind and brings back so many memories. Shopping has always been my favorite, duh, so I loved walking through the gift shop when I was younger.

the Fredonia hotel// safety + social distancing

One thing that I was majorly impressed by during our stay was the excecution of social distancing at all times. The hotel isn’t at full capacity currently, and we felt extremely safe. Masks were required in all areas except when eating at the cafe or swimming. The 1st City Cafe was closed between lunch and dinner for a deep cleaning too. Since they were allowing less bookings, we had plenty of space to spread out at the pool and never came into close contact with people. Every employee was wearing a mask and they weren’t doing daily room cleanings to avoid extra contact. They also have hand sanitizer throughout the hotel and masks available for purchase.

I know big summer trips might be canceled, but summer fun isn’t The Fredonia Hotel is a true gem and just a drive away. I can’t wait to see what your favorite thing about the Fredonia is! Click HERE to book and use Caitlin20.



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