how i organize my jewelry

How I Organize My Jewelry

I feel like I’m always sharing my new favorite statement earring or talking about my perfect little pearl earrings (here’s a super similar pair), but I realized we have never chatted about how I organize my jewelry.

There’s probably a couple reasons for that. The first: I’m not usually someone you would take organization tips from. I’m the girl who had to dig through her locker to find one little thing and my mom was always buying me those “How to Organize for Teens” books.

As I’ve gotten older, I haven’t quite turned into a total neat freak, but I take a lot more pride in my belongings, especially when it comes to my jewelry.

As much as I love a good challenge, untangling five necklaces from a giant knot isn’t my favorite thing to do as I’m getting ready. Then I started working at Kendra Scott and my jewelry collection pretty much tripled. Can you blame me?

And you’re probably thinking, “Uh you don’t even have that much jewelry.” But this is only like half of it. The rest is either in my dozens of Kendra Scott dust bags or laying around the house.

I’m definitely that girl that undresses in stages throughout the house after work. 

So, I needed a way to organize my jewelry, but still see everything because if I don’t see it, I forget I have it. Anyone else like that?

Below are my favorite pieces that have helped me organize my jewelry a lot better than I could on my own. Plus, they’re pretty. It’s a win-win situation.

And just here are some pieces I am loving for fall. Because you can’t organize the jewels, without the jewels!

Happy organizing!



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