perfect tie dye pieces + distressing

Last week I shared some diy project kits and my tie dye shirts, so this week I’m sharing the perfect tie dye pieces for your tie dye project. I also distressed one of my shirts, so I’m sharing a couple ways you can give any piece that lived in finish.

tiered top // belted dress // baseball cap // tube socks // maxi dress // lounge shorts // denim skirt // boyfriend tee // v neck two pack // white sneakers

they couldn’t all fit in the pretty picture, so I’m sharing the rest of my finds below.

what makes the perfect tie dye pieces

When you’re picking out your perfect tie dye pieces, the material is the most important. You always want 100% of whatever material it is. Also, try to make sure it’s a natural fiber, not a man made material. So look for 100% cotton, silk, or linen. Some things have like 3% spandex for stretch, which is fine. Just stray away from pieces that are like a 50/50 blend. They usually have a finish on the fabric that makes it hard to soak in the dye.

Who knew all my textile classes would come in handy when making a tie dye post haha!

I included a couple items in my perfect tie dye pieces graphic that aren’t the usual pieces you’d think to tie dye, but they’ll turn out so cute.

For the hat, band off sections of the cap and tie dye like usual. Then use a sponge brush for the brim.

To tie dye sneakers, tape off the sole and mid sole (sides). Then use a sponge brush to get that tie dye look. For a messier look, you can splatter the dye on your shoes straight from the dye bottle.

distressing details

Even if you don’t want to distress your tie dye creations, you probably have a tee shirt or pair of shorts laying around that could use a little detail. Distressing is perfect because it’s basically fool proof. You can do it different ways with different methods and it will turn out super cute regardless!

I won’t lie, there might be some official lingo for distressing, but I don’t know it, so I’m just going to explain in my own words. Hope that’s okay with y’all.

So, first I cut some small holes. I did a set of three small holes an then stretched them out a little with my hands. I just folded the shirt vertically and made three small cuts.

On the pocket, neckline, and other random parts of the shirt, I did a little shredding. I just opened the scissors and scraped the same spots over and over until it created holes. If you want to fill in the holes with the frayed threads, just use tweezers to pull the threads into the center.

I also cut the bottom of my top so it would look a little less constructed and I like that rolled hem look. If you want to add some texture to the bottom and still keep the hem, just cut below the hem. That way the ends will roll, but the sewn hem will keep everything in place.

I hope this helps you pick out your perfect tie dye pieces! If you aren’t into tie dye, you can now get down to distressing and revive some old pieces in your closet!



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