diy creative project kits + tie dye

I was thinking back to when I shared a list of shows and movies to binge during quarantine, and how naive I was to what was about to happen. Honestly, this has changed some aspect of life for every human and for me, getting creative has been a perfect escape. I know that tie dye is the new thing, and I’m obviously very into it (keep reading for more), but if it isn’t your thing, I put together nine other diy creative project kits to get your mind off things and get creative.

diy creative project kits

adult coloring book // tie dye kit // embroidery kit // make your own hard seltzer kit // paint your own keychain kit // diy bath bombs kit // pottery wheel kit // diy hot sauce kit // hand lettering kit // paint by numbers kit

All these kits look SO fun. I’m especially loving the paint by numbers kit, which is totally frame worthy. Also, the paint your own keychain kit is super cute! Plus, most of these kits come from small businesses, which makes you feel good about your purchase. But honestly, all these diy creative project kits are perfect activities to get your mind off things by yourself or would even make for a fun at-home date night!

If you are trying to get on the tie dye train right now, it’s the perfect time. Besides having time on our hands, it’s just a fun and inexpensive project that anyone can get into. I tie dyed these two shirts below for around $30 and want to share my tips and tricks with y’all. Just in case you’re like me and haven’t done tie dye since summer camp, haha.

cropped t shirt // tiered top

tie dye tips and tricks
  • If you want the colors less saturated, dump out half the dye powder before filling the bottle up with water. I used the whole thing and even after soaking for an hour, the colors were super intense.
  • Keep white areas of item away from dyed parts when you’re rinsing. It’s a little tricky, but if you don’t keep them separated, the dye will drip off into the white areas and color it.
  • Wear the gloves, seriously. That dye is intense.
  • If your color come out too intense, soak the piece in a water/bleach mixture for a while, then wash.
  • There’s no right way to tie dye, so don’t try to be a perfectionist.
  • Use fabric that is only one material. So 100% cotton, silk, etc.

If you order and create something from one of these diy creative projects, you have to send me pictures! I feel like all of these are so fun, and I know I’m ordering a couple kits from the round up. Or even if you tie dye! I hope these give you a little break from everything around us and brings a smile to your sweet face.

Speaking of sweet faces, the Sephora sale just opened up to the public today. I have a whole post on it HERE.



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