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So, the Sephora sale opened up to all the peoples today and I thought I would channel my inner Jaclyn Hill for a little insight of my everyday makeup look. I shared the video on my Instagram stories, because I honestly didn’t have time to go full Youtuber and put together a video for the blog, but I’ll get there one day. So, below I’m sharing my everyday makeup products and what’s in my cart for the Sephora sale.

CODES: Rouge members take 20% with code HEYROUGE, VIB members take 15% off with code HEYVIB, Insiders take 10% off with code HEYINSIDER

You have to make a Sephora account to use the codes for the sale, but it’s free and you get samples, birthday gifts, discount codes, and more. So it’s totally worth it.

Just to be really annoying and get this off my chest, y’all know I’m definitely not a makeup expert. You’ve probably seen my bare face on Instagram more times than you’ve seen it done up. However, I love my makeup when I actually use it and I would highly recommend all the products I use. * why I’m actually doing this post haha. I have dry/normal skin and rarely have breakouts, but I also have sensitive skin. You know what works best for your face, but all these everyday makeup products work amazing on me, and hopefully you!

the base

I swear by any Fresh product, but I especially love this moisturizer. I have to put on moisturizer or else my face starts to peel and this one is so light and super hydrating. For primer, this Benefit one is my holy grail. I’ve tried other ones, but there’s nothing better and more effective than the Porefessional. When I’m getting really fancy, I use this eyeshadow primer, but for everyday makeup I don’t use any shadow.


I use the it Cosmetics CC cream and seriously love it. It’s lightweight and medium coverage so it covers my redness and uneven spots, but my freckles still show through. Since I have a fresh tan, I mixed a little of my Too Faced foundation with my CC cream because it’s a couple shades darker. If you like a full coverage foundation, this one is bomb. I used it for my wedding and it was so good.

under eyes

I definitely have darker under eyes, doesn’t everyone? But I’ve used these eye masks before and they work really well. Plus, you can reuse them, so they’re worth the money. For concealer, I used to use this Tarte one, but I now use Shape Tape, also from Tarte. You can’t buy it as Sephora, but I’m linking it here. You’ve probably heard everyone and their granny talk about it, and there’s a really good reason. You shouldn’t do your makeup with anything else. It’s that good. To set my concealer, which is so important, I use Huda Beauty Easy Bake. 10/10 recommend this product. Honestly anything by Huda is top notch, but this setting powder smells amazing and gives bomb coverage. This keeps your concealer from clumping or giving you those weird lines of buildup under your eyes.

finishing touches

For mascara, I go between a couple really good ones that I’ll link below. My biggest tip/makeup theory: buy mascara in the travel sizes. I don’t know what it is, but I swear they work better than the regular sizes. Just trust me. I have my eyebrows microbladed, thank the Lord, and you can read about my experience here. However, if I want them a little darker for an occasion, I use this brow pomade. It’s what I used everyday before I did microblading. Personally, I don’t think there is anything better than this pomade for eyebrows. It’s so good.

Contouring is made so easy with this palette. It’s foolproof and the pigment is amazing. I’m linking the refillable one so if you run out of a certain shade, you don’t have to buy a whole new palette. Game. Changer. I’ll link my bronzer below, it lasts forever and gives a semi-matte finish, which I really like. Also, I use this Tarte blush in the shade ‘paaarty’ and it’s a perfect nude for any skintone. If you need more of a pop, I use ‘dollface’ too. It’s more of a true pink blush.

Lastly, finishing spray. Sometimes I’ll even spray some on my beauty blender instead of water just because it makes me feel like it will keep everything secure. Which who knows if it really does, but whatever. Everything you just put on your face could literally blow right off, unless you use a finishing spray. I’ve tried a couple and this one is my fav. I buy like 3 bottles at a time because why not? And then you’re done.

You were already really pretty, this just shows off those gorgeous eyes and whatever else your fav features are. But let’s be real, a good makeup application makes everyone feel a little bit better.

my makeup
what’s in my cart

Happy sale shopping y’all!



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