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Happpppyyy Tuesday. It’s brow time. A lot of you might know, and now you will for sure, I got my eyebrows microbladed in December and touched up just a couple weeks ago. So, I wanted to answer all the questions and give y’all the microblading 411.

my story

Before we get started, I want to share my story with y’all because this experience is way more than just pretty brows to me. When I was younger, I coped with stress by pulling out my hair and eyebrows. And I can’t believe I’m putting this on the internet for the world to see, but here we are. Yeah, so one night in probably 4th grade, I pulled out almost every single eyebrow that night for whatever reason. I remember going into the bathroom and looking and they were literally all gone. That was the start of me stress pulling out my hair and my eyebrows never grew back. And I didn’t really ever give them the chance to. So I started filling them in. I always joke that I was the OG of Anastasia Beverly Hills because that’s what my mom bought me to fill them in.

Anyways, I first heard about microblading about 4 years ago. It just always seemed too expensive, but I just decided on a whim to finally do it and I am the happiest human because of it. Waking up everyday with my eyebrows “on” is priceless.

Okay onto the real good stuff. Here’s the 411 on microblading and my experience.

Q// How much does it cost?

A//That’s what everyone wants to know. Honestly, my eyebrows cost around $500, but again it’s worth every penny. I know girls who have had theirs done for less than $200 and they have faded or didn’t heal correctly. You’re paying for quality.

Q// How did you pick who you went to? I feel like there’s so many people that do microblading now.

A// I know! It’s kinda hard to weed through all the options, especially when you’re choosing someone to draw on your face permanently. I don’t even remember how I found Amy of That Brow Gal, but I’ve been following her for a while. I loved her work, but when I saw that she takes limited spots because she flies to different locations from Las Vegas just to do brows, I was sold. You have to be really good at your craft and have really happy customers to be fully booked in each city that you go to. And she’s just a bad ass. Literally so sweet, makes you feel so at home, and she’s just a gem.

Q// How long does it last?

A// It depends on how your skin reacts and how you take care of them, but I will go in yearly for a touch up appointment. Amy encourages touch up appointments around 8 weeks after your initial meeting so she can perfect everything and see how you’ve healed.

Q// I’m scared it won’t look natural! How do I know they’re going to look good?

A// You have to just really trust your brow girl and communicate what you want. They don’t know unless you tell them! There’s a couple different types of microblading that vary on the look. Some styles are more natural and some look more like makeup, it just depends on what you’re going for. Amy kills it at sculpting your natural brows. She works off that and then lets you critique and add a stroke here or there so you’re in love with them.

Q// Does it hurt?

A//I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t my favorite feeling in the world. However, it wasn’t that bad either. It’s kind of like a scratch over and over. It made my eyes water and I had to sneeze a couple times, but that’s it. In my experience, Amy used a topical numbing cream at first. After the first pass, she added a medical grade numbing cream so that helped a lot.

Q// What’s the healing process like?

A// For me, it wasn’t bad at all. I know people that have scabbed badly, but I never did. It’s probably because I layered on Aquaphor like it was going out of style. It did get a little itchy after a couple days, but that was the worst of it.

I hope my microblading 411 helps you know more about the process adn clears things up if you’re on the fence. And if you’re on the fence, hop off and get them done. It’s the best confidence booster of my life.

I’m sharing some before and afters below for y’all too. Funny because wow this is the worst angle ever for me lol.

After the Final Session



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