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It’s officially May and I’m not sure where the time has gone, but I know there’s a special day around the corner, other than Cinco de Mayo. Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away and I love any excuse to spoil my mama and mama in law. So, I’m sharing my favorite way to make Mother’s Day special for all the mamas in my life.

One of my favorite ways to treat them is by putting together a gift basket. For under $100 you can put together some of her favorite things in a super easy, and really impressive way. I’m breaking down the gifts by “type” and feel free to mix and match because you know her better than me. If you’re on tight budget, just pick one or two items, she’ll love it no matter what.

Over on my Instagram stories, I am showing y’all how I put together a gift basket just last week along with my tips and tricks for a fool proof present.

p.s. thank y’all SO MUCH for helping me decide what to wear this weekend and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here.

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how I put together the basket

So, I buy items that vary in size and price when putting together a gift basket. Different sizes make for a prettier basket and different prices help you make Mother’s Day special without breaking the bank.

I like to use decorative/storage boxes for my baskets. They are usually prettier and the recipient can reuse them. So, it’s a win-win. I’m sharing a couple below that are perfect for Mother’s Day.

Just get your goodies situated in the basket and stick tissue paper in the empty spots to fill the basket. Target usually has the cutest tissue paper selection.

Sometimes I have a hard time with super short items like candles, but I will take a small box and cover it in the tissue paper and use it as a stand to prop up the smaller items. Works like a charm.

I hope this helps you make Mother’s Day special for all the mamas in your life. If you end up making a basket, send me a photo on Instagram! I want to see how y’all style your Mother’s Day gifts.



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