nordstrom fall sale

I love me some Friday. Pretty much all is right in the world on Friday’s. What I  love even more? When I wake up to the Nordstrom Fall Sale and see sooo many good pieces and gifts on major sale. That’s the cherry on top of my Friday sundae.

So, below I am sharing some of my favorite items from the sale. My Leith sweater is on sale that I love. There are also things I’ve had my eyes on that are marked down to 40% off! I’ve been looking at these booties for a while and they are marked down to under $70 now, so *add to cart.

why nordstrom is my fav

I want to chat about why I love Nordstrom so much and share a lot of their items. First, I always wanted to shop there when I was younger, so now that I can, I take full advantage. Second, their shopping experience is always amazing. I’m always well taken care of, whether I’m in the store or shopping on the app. I shared on my stories the other day that the Free People dress I found at Dillard’s was $30 cheaper at Macy’s. So, I called Dillard’s to do a price match, like I can do at Nordstrom, and they tell me they don’t price match. Wut. Literally, it’s the little things like that, that makes Nordstrom my favorite retailer. Even J always thought it was too expensive and now he loves it.

This post isn’t sponsored, clearly. I just wanted to share why I tell y’all about their sales and products so much. I never want to lead y’all astray and it sucks when you like what you’re buying, but not who you’re buying it from.

So, anywho. I’m off my soapbox now. Keep scrolling to snag these Nordstrom Fall sale items. P.S. think fast. Nordstrom sale items always go fast.


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