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We all know the holiday season isn’t just about receiving gifts. I know, I already probably sound like your mom, but I have the best way to give a little and get a little this holiday season. Plus, what you’re getting in return for giving, is a perfect gift for anyone, even yourself. Spoiler alert: I have a discount code for y’all at the bottom of this post!

the inside scoop

Sara, from Garter and Give reached out to me a while ago about working together and it was a no brainer. I’m so excited to share with y’all all about Garter and Give because it’s an amazing company.

So, Sara is the owner of Garter and Give, on  top of being in school at the University of Florida. **total boss babe** She started Garter and Give a couple years ago when she took her talents to Etsy, and now hand makes a variety of crocheted products that each give back to a specific charity.

J and I picked out beanies because y’all already know, I love hats. We loved being able to browse through all her pieces because she has so many to offer! Once we settled on style, we picked out our yarn color. This is where it gets serious good. Here is my beanie hat and Jackson’s hat. p.s. she also makes the cutest coffee sleeves. Perfect gift for a coffee lover!

The color you chose for your custom piece, determines which charity is donated to. How cool is that? Jackson and I both picked neutrals, so Sara donated to a Texas No-Kill Animal Shelter called The Good Lif3 Bully Rescue. It’s such a good feeling to receive a package in the mail. It’s even better when you get a goodie for yourself AND give back to others.

gift ideas

Garter and Give pieces are the perfect gift for the holidays. If someone you know has been affected by breast cancer, is a military veteran (or knows one), or loves animals, gift them a Garter and Give piece. When your item is complete, Sara adds a tag letting the recipient know that a portion of sales went back to the special organization.

Seriously, the holidays are for gifts, family, food, and giving a little. Nothing is more perfect than crossing a few gifts off your list, while making sure you’re giving back to others.

So, Sara has been SO generous to give Keeping It Caitlin readers a discount code! Use code: KEEPINGITCAITLIN to receive 15% off your purchase. I can’t wait to see what y’all purchase!

I hope y’all find something you love because I clearly love it all. It’s just so fitting with the holiday season to give to others and get a little something in return. For all my holiday posts so far, click here.



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