one year down

Holy ONE YEAR to Keeping It Caitlin! How has it already been 365 days of amazing moments, big mistakes, learning moments, and lots of fashion. I have to say, I knew that this was something I was excited to do, but I have seriously found my passion in this platform. One year down, so many more to come.

When I think about everything in the past year, I can’t believe I even got this thing up and running. I had no clue how to build a website, when to post, what SEO was, how to be successful (still learning this), and basically everything else. Now, one year down, I’m a member of RewardStyle (big blogger deal), an affiliate of Amazon Fashion (AH!), have seen my picture on and the Target app, and soooo much more.

If you’ve been around since the beginning, I owe you everything. Sometimes I forget that nobody is forced to read this and even when 10 people read it, that’s a success. If you’re new, heyyyyyy. You’ve made it just in time. Things are kicking off like crazy and I’m so happy you’re along for the ride.

So, here’s your favorite Instagram photos from one year down. I was so surprised to see that almost every picture that was a favorite, wasn’t a perfectly planned or staged photo moment. They were mostly the real life, relatable, less than perfect photos. And what a great reminder for all aspects of life? People like you the most when you’re you. Just remember that.

I bet you won’t believe the #1 picture from the past year. It’s the most random picture ever, but got almost 500 likes. Scroll to see.

p.s. click here for a serious stroll down memory lane.

















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