how I attempt to stay organized

Attempt is the keyword here. I’m not the super organized, type A, Elle Woods kinda girl. If you’re not either, this post is for you. Since starting Keeping It Caitlin, I quickly learned that I need to step up my organization game so I could stay on top of everything I have going on. I’ve tried lots of different strategies and products, but now have mostly figured out what works for me and wanted to share with you, how I attempt to stay organized. Plus, I’m sharing a little bit on how my diagnosed ADD brain works and how it affects me.

the planner + pens

In college, I tried the whole planner thing, but literally spent $80 on a fancy planner that I wrote in like once a week. I never made it a habit, but once I started planning content and realized I really needed a planner, life got easier. Or at least more organized.

Last year, I had this planner. I really liked it, but it was small and didn’t have a lot of room to write. So in November I switched to this $10 planner. I love it. It’s inexpensive, bigger, and has more room to write. I love it and highly recommend it.

A new thing I started doing this year is writing in different colored pens. Obviously, this is not a groundbreaking discovery, but it’s next level organization for me. I got these pens in my stocking and I love them. They write really well and don’t smudge. I use the different colors for different categories just to help me mentally separate everything in a day. This has really helped in how I attempt to stay organized.

blue light glasses

These glasses have helped me with headaches since I’m on a device all freaking day. Personally, there’s a mental aspect to it too. I know when I have my glasses on, it’s time to work. So I leave them on my desk and use them only when I’m working at my desk. Little things like that help me stay focused.

the aesthetic

Just hear me out. The aesthetic of where you are working doesn’t change everything, but it can make a serious difference. For me, I cannot work on the couch or in bed. However, in the apartment, I didn’t really have a designated space to work from home. Now, I have a separate room with a comfortable chair (also key) that I have set up in a cute way. Still functional, but also cute.

Having a notebook you’re proud of or fun stickers on your computer can be a bright spot in a day you might be dreading. So, like I said, not necessary to have an insta worthy space, but it can help. It definitely helps me.

Speaking of aesthetic, my art print is the best focal point for this room. You might remember that I actually made it and you can read the blog post HERE.

it’s hard

It’s hard, trust me. With or without the pandemic, working from home/working for yourself is freaking hard. Most of the time, I feel like I’m self sabotaging and spend more time overthinking or being overwhelmed. If I have more than a couple tasks, I get overwhelmed and can spend hours thinking about what order to do them in or pysching myself out of doing them at all. Just know that no matter how your brain works, it is possible to find a way to help yourself work and be better. It’s not easy, but I hope sharing how I attempt to stay organized can help you too.



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