my tula review + what I recommend

Okay, this post has been a long time coming. More specifically 6 months coming. I’ve been trying out Tula products since July 2020 and was skeptical at first because soooo many bloggers share Tula, but I’m excited to share my Tula review with y’all. Keep reading to see my thoughts, what I recommend buying, and what I don’t think is worth the hype.

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Okay, I’m really putting myself out there with these screenshots, but I wanted to show a raw side by side of before I started using Tula products. I am super lucky to have pretty clear skin, but my coloring was pretty splotchy and my under-eyes were way darker.

Before I switched to only using Tula products, I was using a more expensive skincare line that was clogging up my pores. But I didn’t even realize it until I switch.

what I recommend // my tula review

I’m saving all this info to my ‘tula’ highlight on Instagram stories, but here’s all of my favorite Tula products.

the face wash // This is called the ‘cult classic’ for a reason. J and I both use/love it! It’s gentle, but still removes my excess makeup and doesn’t leave buildup. If you want to try anything from Tula, I recommend trying this.

the moisturizer // Okay, I am SO picky about moisturizers. I’ve tried tons of them. The Tula 24/7 Moisture is pure magic. It’s hydrating, lightweight, and a little goes a long way. This is another one that J uses too!

the sunscreen // I first tried out their Protect + Glow sunscreen when I was in Florida for my birthday. I usually burn so easily, but applied this everyday and never burned. It has a glow to it, so it doesn’t turn your face white. You can also mix it with a little cc cream if you want a little coverage.

the masks // I use both the enzyme mask and the blackhead mask weekly. I keep the blackhead mask in our shower since it exfoliates and for me, it really works. It smells amazing and brings my blackheads up to the surface. The enzyme mask has been really good for smoothing out my skin and isn’t harsh at all.

the face mist + eye balms // Okay, I can’t recommend the rose eye balm enough. It’s AMAZING. I lost mine, so a new one is currently on its way to me haha. It’s ultra cooling and if your under eyes are puffy, get this. Trust me. Also, the face mist is so underrated, but I love it. I’ll use it as a midday refresher on my face or if I’m not wearing makeup, I’ll use it in the morning.

what I didn’t love // my tula review

the blurring primer // Okay, it might just be me because I feel like EVERYONE loves this primer. However, it makes me orangey and doesn’t blend to match my skin tone. So personally, I wouldn’t buy it again.

the orange eye balm // I love love the rose eye balm, but the orange one doesn’t blend well with my skin tone and just isn’t cute. Again, that’s just a personal preference, but I’d suggest sticking to the blue or pink.

Okay, so my tula review is a little long, but I hope it’s helped y’all see that the brand isn’t just all hype. Trust me, I thought it was too. And of course, you can use code: KEEPINGITCAITLIN to get 15% off your purchase.

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