how I attended NYFW

It’s about time I share the details on how I attended NYFW with a small following. I want to share everything that led up to my quick New York trip and what I learned for next time.

Let me start by saying, I can’t believe I was able to cross this off my bucket list. Y’all are the reason I was able to make this happen, truly. Being able to share that I have a loyal community that engages with me and loves what I share, makes all the difference. Trust me.

but first, outfit time.

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I thought I would start by answering some questions I received about NYFW from y’all.

who paid for me to go?

It was a couple different pieces that came together financially for me. The trip wasn’t sponsored by a company (goal for next year), but I collaborated with a few brands for clothing and my hotel stay was my birthday gift from my parents.

Anyone else think it’s fate my birthday is literally a week before NYFW?

what did you do while you were there?

Whew, I did a lot, but I feel like I didn’t do enough. That’s one of my biggest regrets, but I’ll break that down below. Anyways, I went to a lot of meetings and a couple shows and pop-ups.

what is a PR meeting?

So a PR meeting is just a time where you meet face to face with a Public Relations company. A lot of companies outsource their marketing now to PR firms, so they take the lead on who is included in brand collaborations with their clients. It’s just a way to chat with the decision makers about who you are and what you’re trying to create with your own personal brand. I either went to the actual office to meet or had meetings over lunch.

who did I go with?

Me, myself, and I. It was my first time going somewhere big by myself, so naturally I picked the most saturated, overwhelming city in the country. It was really empowering to go alone and also the one thing I would change for next time.

what shows did I see?

I was lucky enough to attend the Noon by Noor show and the Studio 189 show. This is probably what I’m proudest of. There are so many bloggers that don’t go to shows until like their 3rd year and they just go for meetings and take photos. To each their own, but I wouldn’t feel right going to NYFW and not actually going to NYFW…. makes no sense. So yeah, I am so proud to say I’ve attended a New York Fashion Week show.

how did I get in?

I basically emailed half of Manhattan. Literally. I stalked the official NYFW schedule because they added new shows and presentations often. I reached out to every single brand and usually multiple people within the company to reach the right person.

what advice do I have for people that want to go?

Okay this might get long, but I promise all this advice is super crucial if you’re trying to ever make it to NYFW.

  • If you can’t go the whole week, try to make it to the first half. I went to the second half, which is definitely more chill. I think there is just more hype and excitement going on the first couple days and a lot more last minute events happen at the beginning.
  • Don’t go alone. Unless you are just totally fearless, I wouldn’t suggest going alone. For me, it just felt a little lonely and I think I would of had even more fun with a friend or J. Also, it helps because there’s someone to take your picture. I thought asking people on the street wouldn’t be difficult, but every picture I asked someone to take sucked. Not kidding, look below.

  • Exhaust every resource. I’ll link the sites I used the most for research below, but literally leave no connection behind. There’s always someone who knows someone. Also, if you work with brands, reach out to them to set up a collaboration or partnership while you’re there.
  • Don’t overbook yourself. I did this so much. I forgot it doesn’t take 15 minutes to get places. So, all the outfit changes I had planned for my full day there went out the window. Block off at least 45 minutes to get somewhere if you’re taking an Uber or taxi.
  • Make a schedule. I had a detailed schedule for every moment while I was there. If you don’t pencil in all the things you want to see and do before, you’ll lose track of time. I planned out my meetings and obligations first and then found sights and eats nearby that I could stop by if I had time.
  • Things happen last minute. I was told this multiple times, but didn’t fully understand how last minute things work when it comes to NYFW. I was getting emails back from designers the day of their show with responses to my emails. In my mind, last minute meant like a week before, HA. Das cute. That’s why it’s so important to get together a bulletproof schedule so you can quickly respond and let them know if you’re able to make it or not.
  • Create relationships. It’s so important to respond to every email and really show you care, even if you’re responding to a “no” email. I talked to so many people that couldn’t squeeze me in, but I kept the conversation going and wanted to genuinely create a relationship with them. This way, when I start reaching out for the next NYFW, I have already established a relationship and know who to talk to. This might be common sense, but don’t fake it. Talk to and get to know the brands you actually like and are invested in.
  • Hire a photographer. I worked with Shelly from Some Shelly and she saved my life. Literally, I would of left with a handful of shitty pictures to show for my time without her. I did my shoot right before I left for the airport, which was perfect because I switched up my outfits and made sure I wore pieces I wasn’t able to wear throughout the day.

what will I do differently next time?

I’m definitely going to keep in mind that it takes a while to get from place to place. Mostly so I don’t sweat my booty off getting everywhere in a rush. Also, I’m going to take/force someone to go with me. I just think traveling alone isn’t for me. I’m also going to be more confident and not hold back. I always forget that people are doing all kinds of things in NYC and nobody thinks twice about anything they see. So they aren’t going to care about a girl taking a picture in the street or something. I’m also going to try to not be so critical of myself. I think it will be better next time because I’ll have one NYFW under my belt, but I was so hard on myself the whole time and was constantly thinking I wasn’t making the most of my time or wasn’t doing enough. Which is something I do often and am working on in general.

So yeah, there’s my story and I can’t wait to keep this thing going! The next NYFW is February soooo we’ll see!



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