Before we get started, someone PINCH me. Little ole’ Cait Chan working with Aerie and keeping it #aeriereal. I still can’t believe it. But you best believe I’m keeping the little note they wrote me in my package to remind myself that ANYthing is possible. So, yeah, I’m just a little excited to share all the new arrivals with y’all.

Can we chat real quick about all the amazing things #aeriereal stands for? First, there is so much representation for every kind of person. Scroll through their site and you’ll see all different colors, shapes, and sizes. It’s so refreshing to see someone who looks like you and it’s honestly so empowering. Everything #aeriereal stands for all bundled up is power, positivity, and no retouching. Basically, keeping it real, and I love it and I’m basically their #1 fan, if it wasn’t obvious.

this post is not sponsored by aerie, all thoughts are my own.

So, let’s dive into the try-on session.

p.s. almost everything is already on sale.

patchwork midi dress// The fit is amazing. You can totally dress it up or down. Today, I wore it with a cardigan and mules to work. But I styled it totally different for a weekend look. The colors are gorgeous and are bright enough for summer, but bold enough for the fall. I’m wearing an XL, runs true to size.

satin strappy bralette// This bralette and undie set is AMAZING. They are both so fun and classy. I go into more detail on my Instagram stories, but they both are satin with a mesh lining and are so comfortable. The bralette has two adjustable straps that give it a trendy vibe. I’m wearing an XL in both, but if you wear a bigger band size in bra’s, I’d recommend you size up.

desert sweatshirt// Meet the Holy Grail of sweatshirts. I will never wear another brand ever, they’re that good. It’s fitted in the arms, which I love, but is still roomy. The side slits give you more movement, but aren’t too high up. It’s just literal perfection. They come in a bunch of colors and I already have my eyes on this one because it’s just too good. If you want a slimmer fit, size down. I’m wearing an XL and it runs true to size.

ribbed longline bralette// I wanted to show y’all the whole bralette, which you could totally wear like this, but I’m using it to layer. I wore it today under my midi dress and it just adds some texture without wearing a ton of layers. It’s supportive and the straps are adjustable. I think every woman needs one of these, but I’m also the biggest fan of bralettes. I’m wearing the XL and it runs true to size.

navy nomad pant// I would usually never pick these out for myself, but my friends at Aerie know me better than I know myself! These pants are soooo comfortable and so easy to dress up or down. When it get’s cooler, I’ll be styling it with a sweater and sneakers. For now, I’m wearing it with sandals, an oversized tee, and my ribbed bralette underneath. I’m wearing an XL and they run true to size.

tassel blanket scarf// I know most of us aren’t thinking about scarves right now. Honestly, I start sweating just thinking about them. But when it gets cooler, I’ll be wearing this tassel scarf nonstop. It’s lightweight, the colors are amazing, and it’s going to spice up every outfit you pair it with.

other new arrival favs

I hope this inspires your closet and your heart to keep things #aeriereal. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and as cheesy as it sounds, sometimes we just need that reminder. You are worthy, beautiful, and strong.



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