summer swimsuit guide

So it’s basically summer and I am so excited to spend all my weekends at the pool. Anyone else such a water babe? With pool season comes swimsuit season, which isn’t always super fun. I think every girl can think of one terrible experience from trying on swimsuits. So, I put together a summer swim guide for all sizes and body types to make it way easier. I’m sharing four swimsuits that I bought and loved, but I’m also sharing the ones that didn’t work out.

I’m breaking it down by each swimsuit, what I loved, and all the details. I’m also sharing similar pieces if my exact suit doesn’t suit you. (: Everything I’m sharing is under $75, but most of it is under $50!

*for reference// I’m 5’8″ and I wear a 14/16 in everything and a 38D in bras.*

bright babe swimsuit

I’m wearing an XL in this super cute, wrap swimsuit. The colors are so bright and fun, and the fit is spot on. It gives you a great shape with the faux-wrap detail because it brings your eyes to your waist and away from everything else. I would suggest taking out the bra pads because you can see them in photos, but that’s an easy fix. It’s a full coverage bottom, so everything stays right where you want. I love that you can even transform it for post-pool dinner with a skirt or shorts.

no hassle tassel

You have probably seen a lot of gals wearing this tassel swimsuit already because it’s so popular. There is an OG style that’s a lot more pricey, so everyone is flocking to the $25 Amazon version that I’m wearing. So, here’s the deal. I LOVE this suit. HOWEVER, there is a weird stitch on the bikini top that makes you look suuuuper cold (if you know what I mean) and I don’t understand why it’s there. It’s annoying. So, there’s another tassel suit I found that doesn’t have that stitch and is under $20. So I’m returning the above swimsuit for that one. I think if you really like the suit I’m wearing, get it in a print so the weird stitch isn’t noticeable. I’m wearing a size 16 and it fits like a glove.

the wild side

I’m showing y’all my least favorite photo I took in this swimsuit because I want to make sure I’m really showing off how it looks. Which means, I’m not always going to share my best angles. So, I really wanted to love this snake print suit. If you have a flat stomach, or it at least doesn’t roll, this suit would be perfect for you. For me, it highlights the area I want to hide the most because it’s a high leg cut. I pulled it down to cover my stomach more, so that’s why the top is sitting a little low. Again, if it wasn’t cut so high, I would be so obsessed. The square neck is super cute and the back ties up in a criss-cross. I ordered a size 18 in this one, but would recommend ordering true to your size because it was a little big on me in some areas. This swimsuit has a cheeky cut too, so it’s a little more flirty.

polka dot perfection

I’m all about this neon, polka dot swimsuit. I’m wearing a XXL in the bottoms and an XL in the top, but I’m exchanging the top for a XXL because it’s too small. So, if you’re chesty, keep that in mind. Overall, I love this suit. Aerie never disappoints when swimsuit season rolls around. (last year my swimsuit post was mostly Aerie pieces) Can we have a moment of silence for my lack of editing skills last year? But a bigger moment of silence for my self-love in that post. If you need a boost, go read it.

Here’s what didn’t work and why:

  1. black one shoulder swimsuit// If you have a smaller chest, or it actually stays in place, you’ll love this swimsuit. I felt like one wrong move and I was going to have a Janet Jackson moment. I would size up too. I ordered an 18 and it fit perfectly.
  2. leopard one piece// The sizing is gaarrrrbage on this swimsuit. It’s so adorable, but I couldn’t even get a leg in. Literally. I ordered an XL and it was probably the measurements of a medium. It’s so ‘me’, but you have to size way up.

I can’t lie y’all, it is so hard to put myself out there, but I love this space so dang much. That makes it all worth it. I love that the world is growing to love curvy gals more, but it’s still hard. I can’t blame my looks on having babies. I can’t say that I’ve always looked this way. I can’t say that I love myself 110%, but I know I’m working on it. I know that this community is here to build each other up, and love each other stretch marks and all!

So yeah, I hope this helped ease the swimsuit try on pain for y’all and I will be sharing more swimsuit wins throughout the summer!



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