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Meet your new Free People favorite. I shared a peek at this gem last weekend on Instagram and y’all loved it. So, here it is in all it’s glory on the blog. Because I think we’re all obsessed.

Also, if you follow me on Insta, you probs saw my stories about how I was going to last minute style the slip dress a couple different ways. Until I realized it’s not even in my house. I left it at my best friend’s house. Whoops. So, instead of pictures, I’m sharing a list of the different ways I will be styling my Free People favorite alllll summer long.

Okay, so I love this dress for a handful of super valid reasons. First off, the colors are GORGEOUS. Like bright, vibrant, rich, colors that enhance that summertime tan. It’s adjustable. The back ties so you can adjust how high or low it goes. It’s flattering. The handkerchief hem makes your legs look miles long. It’s so versatile. I’m about to elaborate on this one, but you can literally wear it so many ways.

  1. With a jean jacket.
  2. With sneakers.
  3. With denim shorts.
  4. With sandals.
  5. With jeans.
  6. With a cardigan.
  7. As a swimsuit cover up.
  8. With a bralette.
  9. Solo.
  10. With biker shorts.
  11. With a tee layered underneath.
  12. Tucked into a skirt.
  13. With wedges and a clutch.
  14. Layered with a lace slip.

Annnnnddd I can’t think of anything else, but that’s pretty dang good for one piece of clothing! I’m linking my dress/outfit below with links for y’all to shop so we can all wear our new Free People favorite.

**I’m linking the dress multiple times because different retailers have different sizes in stock. **

the dress

the outfit extras

**my hoops are $10 for a 4 pack and my denim jacket is on sale. **

click here for more of my outfits.



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