self love + summer swimmies

I haven’t decided if I have been putting off this post on purpose or not. Part of me knows it has been in the back of my mind because the idea of putting myself in a swimmy on the internet is a scary thought. Or maybe I just didn’t think about making it a post. I’m leaning towards the first conclusion. It’s not easy to say “here I am” when you aren’t even drooling over yourself everyday in the mirror. But here we are, and here I am in all my curvy glory, sharing some self love and my fav summer swimmies.

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Just because I feel like I need to explain what my body looks like, which I shouldn’t have to, but it gives me peace of mind. I am not where I want to be, body and mind-wise. There is progress to make and love to give back to myself that I have lost over the past couple of years. I’ve never really had weight issues when I was younger, but with more recent medical situations, stress, and my unforgiving love of dessert, I don’t quite look the same as I used to.

It’s mostly a mental game, day to day, of whether or not I love myself, which is pretty sad when I say it out loud. But it’s so true, and hopefully relatable. I’ve even had thoughts of “How am I married? Am I even a good wife because of the weight I’ve gained?”. It’s almost impossible not to rest your self worth on the number of rolls you have, but it’s also the worst way to live.


So, knowing that this is only the beginning and even sharing these pictures with y’all gives me more confidence. In turn, I love myself and my body just a little bit more. I have to remember that my body is more than a size and I hope this reminds you of that too. Whether you are striving to look different or stay the same, your mindset determines your happiness. Lose all the weight you want, but you have to mentally lose the negative thoughts about your body. Remember all the amazing things your body can do. From giving another human life to healing itself from sickness, underneath your insecurities your body is so powerful. So feel empowered to show it off.

P.S. my favorite denim shorts would be perfect to throw on with my one-piece to take it from beach to bar.



Try a new style of swimsuit, dare to take off that cover-up. Don’t hide yourself because no matter the standards, you’re a damn bombshell. Don’t forget that.


I couldn’t link my last swimmy below, but it’s right here. Size up one or two sizes.



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