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Everyone knows someone who thinks staying in is the new going out. Heck, I’ll admit, I’m one of those people. So, I rounded up my favorite gifts for my fellow homebodies, cozy cuddlers, and low-key ladies with this cozy gift guide.

*shop my jammies and on sale coffee cup. *

Before we start, just know the cozy gift guide isn’t just for the homebody in your life. These are perfect gifts for anyone who needs a little boost of self-care in their life. Think new mama, school teachers, and people that are hard to buy for. Who is going to say no to a new set of cozy slippers or warm blanket? Nobody, that’s who.

cozy gift guide

I want to share a couple details about 3 of my favorite items on my cozy gift guide. These are my holy grail items that I personally think are super unique or thoughtful gifts.

  1. The Bath Caddy. This is every bath-lover’s dream. This gift would be so cute with a bath bomb wrapped as a bow on top. Just to give them an extra reason for a long soak. I love that the arms of the bath caddy extend to fit every bath size, so you don’t have to worry about it fitting.
  2. The Barefoot Dreams blanket. I kept hearing about Barefoot Dreams products and how amazing they are. And holy softness, I don’t know what the secret ingredient is, but their stuff is so freaking soft. It is the ultimate blanket to cuddle up in and looks pretty too. I also included one of their cardigans in the cozy gift guide too.
  3. The Turntable. I’m really in love with this vintage turntable. First, is so pretty and is a staple piece in any house. Second, it’s a gift someone will always remember you for. Every time they get a new record to play, they’ll think of you. The turntable is for that laid-back friend who loves to get together and just hangout. Worth every penny.


I hope the cozy gift guide helps you shop for that stay-at-home friend. They’re going to be so happy to be spoiled and have another reason to just stay home. Trust me.



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