pack like a pro

I can’t believe we’re about to leave for our first anniversary trip! “Time flies” is the understatement of the century. Such a good year. Anyways, when it came to packing I tried to keep it light and wanted to share how I’ve learned to (kinda) pack like a pro. Besides, the more room you have in your bag when you go on vacation, the more shopping you can do while you’re there. That’s my logic.

Just as a disclaimer, I’m no Container Store-level organized human. I’m seriously quite the opposite, but I’ve spent a lot of trips with either an under-packed or over-packed bag and I think I’ve finally found that happy medium. So of course I had to share with y’all.

Also, the end of the work week means no makeup so no judgement. 

  1. Pack neutral accessories. This doesn’t mean your accessories have to actually be neutral, unless that’s your thing. But it’s smarter to pack accessories you can wear with several outfits so you’re not weighed down with half your jewelry collection. I always pack a handful of bracelets to stack, my simple pearl studs, and a statement earring or two.  Even with shoes, I try to pack things I’ll wear with multiple outfits
  2. Pack things you’ll actually wear. I’ve wasted a lot of luggage space packing things I thought I might wear, but hadn’t worn in over a year. Don’t waste time trying to step outside your style zone, because in the end, you’ll want to feel comfortable.
  3. Downsize your purse. I’m not one for carrying around a huge purse in the first place, but if that’s your jam try to downsize your purse for vacation. It’s just another bulky item you’ll have to lug around. Just take your essentials. To pack like a pro, I’ll pack a couple lippies, my ID (which I almost always forget) and my keys. 
  4. Get good luggage pieces. Sounds like a no-brainer, but good luggage makes me a lot more excited to pack. Also, just the fact that I know I’ll be going on a trip makes me excited. But the luggage is just as important. It’s essential when you’re trying to pack like a pro. I got my Vera Bradley weekend bag on super sale and it’s been perfection. It’s super sturdy and has the cutest pattern. It’s always worth it to invest because I know what it’s like to be struggling through the airport with a broken bag. It’s not cute. 

Here’s a little glimpse of what I’m packing for this weekend.



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