how I keep my pumpkins fresh through fall

Because mushy, rotting pumpkins is NOT the vibe this year. Or any year, but specifically 2020. Last year, I wanted to make sure my pumpkins didn’t rot after a week, so I did some research and experimenting and found the perfect concoction to keep my pumpkins fresh through fall. (And winter, but don’t judge) So I thought I’d put it all together and share basically all I know about pumpkins, which is surprisingly a lot.

*p.s. this works on gourds too, of course I couldn’t leaf them behind. (:

picking your pumpkins

Clearly, you’ll need some pumpkins. Don’t go to Lowes or Home Depot for them. You’ll spend a ton. Local nurseries always have better prices. I go to Ruibal’s in Dallas and got 8 pumpkins for the same price I paid at HEB for 2. Shop small y’all.

Also, when you’re picking them out, make sure the stem isn’t soft. If it’s soft, it’s going to rot regardless if you wash it. Basically a soft stem just means there’s already bacteria in the pumpkin. Pick another.

washing your pumpkins

Since you’re using bleach, I recommend wearing gloves. Also important to note, it is CRUCIAL to make sure you rinse all the bleach mixture off your pumpkins.

If you want to take it one step further, you can spray some matte sealer on them, but I’ve personally never done it. Hope this helps y’all keep your pumpkins fresh throughout fall! Stay tuned to see how I style my front porch with these pumpkins. Check out THIS post if you need some fall style inspiration! And click HERE to shop my $30 dress.



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