updated makeup routine

I’ve added a couple new products to my makeup routine, so I thought I’d share my updated makeup routine. It still only takes about 15 minutes max, so it’s easy and foolproof. Let’s be real, if it takes any longer, I am not participating haha. So, I’m taking you step by step and sharing my thoughts/tips/tricks. Plus, some of my fave products are part of the Tarte sale that is TODAY ONLY! *8/25

updated makeup routine// face

  1. Primer// This is actually the first time I’m using the Tula primer. It’s a cult favorite and I can see why. It goes on smooth and I can see a big difference in the way my makeup blends.
  2. Foundation// I use the IT Cosmetics CC cream or the IT Cosmetics foundation. They’re similar in texture/consistency, but I feel like the foundation sometimes lays on my skin and doesn’t completely blend. So I prefer the CC Cream. Also, you can mix the CC Cream with moisturizer if you just need light coverage. HIGHLY recommend the IT Cosmetics foundation brush though. The flat edge and shape makes it easy to blend and get into all the little areas. It’s a game changer.
  3. Concealer// Another cult fave, the Shape Tape concealer. I go between shade Light and Porcelain Beige depending on how pale I am. This is just the best concealer I’ve found. I apply it with the wand and blend it with my foundation brush. I use the extra product on my eyelids and it acts as an eyeshadow primer. The only thing is that it will feel cakey if you don’t set it with powder.
  4. Setting Powder// After foundation and concealer, I set under my eyes and around my nose with the Huda Beauty Easy Bake powder in Cupcake. I LOVE that this powder comes in different shades so it matches your skin and isn’t that harsh white color.

updated makeup routine// eyes

  1. Eyeshadow// When I’m going full face, I add a little eyeshadow. The concealer works as a primer and the setting powder catches any extra that might fall, so I don’t have to worry about doing it before my foundation. I’m basic and usually use the shade Limit from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Told ya I was basic haha. I love this palette though. It has the best warm/rosy neutrals.
  2. Eyebrows// While I’m “baking”, I go ahead and touch up my brows. If I’m just doing a minimal face, I just clean up my brows with makeup remover and a Q-Tip. This just gets rid of the extra product in my brows. If I’m going full face, I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil. This product is perfect if you just need minimal touching up/shaping. If your brows are patchy or you’re growing them out and need more coverage, I recommend the ABH Brow Pomade. You get more pigment and coverage with the pomade. Then finish off with the ABH clear brow gel. Both the Brow Wiz pencil and Brow Gel come in a NSale duo that’s sold out, but Sephora has the same price on the set!

updated makeup routine// finishing touches

  1. Contour + Bronzer// I use a big brush to wipe away the extra setting powder and then apply my contour/bronzer. I swear by the Shade + Light palette and have used it for years. If you watch the video you’ll understand because that thing has taken a beating haha. I use a contour brush from Tarte and do the usual “3” shape on my face. Then I go in on the sides of my nose if I’m feeling fancy. I sometimes use the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar palette and add some bronzer above my contour.
  2. Highlight// I love a good highlight and my favorite product is the Becca pressed highlighter. I use the shade Vanilla Quartz, but they’re all good. You can’t go wrong. For application, THIS brush is the best.
  3. Blush// You really can’t teach an old dog new tricks. This tarte blush has been in my routine for years and I love every shade I’ve tried. Currently, I’m wearing Paaarty and it’s part of the Tarte “Pick 4” sale.
  4. Mascara// Before mascara, I apply the Lancôme mascara primer and I can’t recommend it enough. It adds so much length to my lashes and doesn’t make them cakey or thick. Just apply, wait like 30 seconds, and apply your mascara. For mascara, I use the Benefit Roller Lash, but I’ve found that no matter what mascara I use my lashes look good because of the primer.
  5. Setting Spray// The most necessary finishing touch for all that work you just put into your beautiful little face. There’s nothing better than the Urban Decay All Nighter spray. It comes in a 2pack for $42 as part of the NSale, so I snagged it. A couple sprays and you’re good to go.



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