2020 goals

The first blog post of the new year and it’s already a week into 2020. So, you can probably guess I haven’t been really working on time management as one of my 2020 goals. OOPS. Anyways, I’m sharing my goals for the new year honestly just to have a spot to come back to in a couple months and check in on myself. I want to hear your goals, so comment on this post and share what you’re focused on in the new year!

  • get better sleep// I’ve been tracking my sleep ever since I got an Apple Watch and the results aren’t great. So I’m researching ways to get better sleep because it affects so many aspects of your mind and body.
  • portion control// Notice I didn’t say diet. That word seems to be a hot topic and of course, everyone has an opinion on it. I joined WW to just be aware of what I’m eating and it shows me easy ways to eat better.
  • sponsored trip// This is more professional than personal, but I’m working hard to grow this space and am working towards partnerships with more brands and new adventures this year.
  • get active// This is mostly a mental thing for me. I know how to be active and have access to a gym, but it’s so hard for me to get started and take that leap. So, my goal for the year is to get active and stay active because I know I’ll feel better in the long run. Plus, it makes it easier when you have a bunch of really cute Fabletics outfits.
  • fashion week// Duh. I can’t just go once and never go back! I fully plan on going back to New York fashion week this fall and also really want to attend CurvyCon. This time, I’m not going alone!

So, just remember your goals are YOURS this year. Don’t listen to anyone who thinks resolutions are stupid or being healthy isn’t mentally healthy. Take the start of the new year to focus on you and your 2020 goals.




  1. Hey girl! I love all these goals and cant wait to see what happens this next year for you! I know this girl, Bri Franklin, and she is a fitness/nutrition guru. I swear her programs are life changing. She talks about not just getting your nutrition right but really getting your mind/body healthy, including sleep! So if you want to check her out she is coachbfrank on insta. I think she’d really be a big help.
    My goals are pretty simple. Read the bible, get in the gym more, and start a gratitude journal.
    Keep rocking it and have a fabulous 2020!

    1. Ah I am about to check her out! Thanks for sharing 💕 those are great goals! I love the journal idea!

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