what’s in my purse?

Besides all the medicine, old receipts, and change, I realized I actually have some good stuff hanging out in my purse. Good enough to share with y’all because if I keep it in my purse, that usually means it’s a holy grail product for me. So, I’m taking y’all into the black hole that is my bag and everything I need to survive that’s in it.

lip locked

Y’all know I’m not a makeup guru, but I do have my holy grail products that I always have on hand. *enter 23482834 lip products* Carmex is a staple in my house. I have tried so many different chap sticks and nothing works as well for me as the regular old Carmex.

For lip gloss, I LOVE Buxom cream glosses. I have them in the shade Dolly and Pink Lady and they go everywhere with me. They are plumping so they’re a little tingly, but the colors are long lasting and perfect to use in a pinch or over your lipstick.

Speaking of lipstick, this nude lipstick is the only one I’ve found and the color works perfectly. It’s not cakey and doesn’t dry my lips, which is key. I wear the color ‘Naked’.

hair necessities

I’ve talked about my milk + sass macaroon brush before, but I can’t explain how crucial it is. Sounds dramatic, but the next time you step out of the car and the wind tangles up your fresh hair, you’ll wish you had one. I keep one in my car and in my purse. Plus, I feel like they make perfect gifts for a bridesmaid or sorority recruitment. The rose gold is GORGEOUS.

makeup must haves

If you haven’t been around long, I barely wear makeup, especially during the work week. I also sleep in as much as I can, so I keep makeup in my bag to put on as I’m walking out of the door. I have been using this concealer on the go for a long time and it’s the only one I’ve found that actually stays on and doesn’t fade by the end of the day. I recently tried out this concealer, but it needs powder to last all day.

So work makeup is a real short process for me. I try to at least wear mascara, so I always have one handy in my purse. I go between the Benefit “Roller Lash” and the Benefit “BadGal BANG”, but you can’t go wrong with either one. Get them in a mini size so they can fit into any bag, and honestly the mini’s always work better.

When I’m feeling really wild, I use my Kaja blush stamp that is just as cute as it is functional. A quick stamp on the cheeks, rub, and you have that rosy glow. I use the shade ‘Saucy’.

serious sunnies

At any given time, I have at least 3 pairs of sunglasses in my purse. I used to lose them all the time, but you know you really love something when you keep up with it. At least that’s true for me. These sunnies have made it through a lot and they keep on making me look so good and are durable too.

p.s. you can get 20% off one of my fav sunglasses brand HERE.



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