valentine’s head to toe

It’s February y’all! All those memes going around about how January was the longest year ever? So true in my life! It’s been a drag, but I’m so excited to kick off the month of love with this look. Because being valentine’s head to toe never looked so lovely.

the details

Just to start, I know that this whole outfit isn’t going to be everyone’s jam. However, even if you don’t put all these pieces together, they individually are so fun to add to any Valentine’s Day look. So basically, wear one, wear them all, either way you’ll be valentine’s head to toe.

Remember this red, pleated skirt from my prime party pieces post? say that five times fast. Well, it’s back and the perfect piece for a Valentine’s Day outfit. It’s a steal at under $30 and comes in 4 colors, including a pretty pink that would also be great for a valentine’s head to toe look. Cherry on top? It’s PRIME eligible.

my outfit

If graphic tees aren’t your thing, or you need some pleated skirt inspo, try a bodysuit. Bodysuits come in so many different styles now and it’s a fool-proof piece to pair with a pleated skirt. I’m sharing some of my favorites below that range from casual to dressy.

For you graphic tee lovers, like me, I love this sassy tee. For you Galentine’s Day girls, does it get anymore real than this? And even if you are taken, who says you can’t rock this too? I mean my feelings come and go about a lot of things. Excluding J, for the record.

This is my first belt bag aka fanny pack and I love it. First off, it’s super fun and functional. Second, it cinches that waist. It’s a win, win and so perfect for a valentine’s head to toe look.

Lastly and y’all have to trust me on this. Sheer socks. Yes, you can rock them. They are such a fun and inexpensive way to add a whole lot of chic to your outfit. I’m wearing my sheer heart socks with sandals, but you can also wear them with short boots or heels. Think blazer, boyfriend jeans, pointed toe heels, and these socks. Or even, high waisted jeans, short boots with the socks peeking out, and a cozy sweater.

Here’s the details on my whole outfit.



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