bold stripes + frayed hem

There’s a couple of trends I definitely thought I would never try, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I love when I prove myself wrong and go from talking down about myself and how I won’t look good in a certain trend, to it now being my new favorite thing. It’s a humbling reminder to give yourself a chance, in all aspects of your life, not just in the dressing room. Anyways, so the trend I was hesitant to try is bold stripes + frayed hem denim, but here we are and I’m sharing how you can wear bold stripes and frayed hem denim in your own ways.

outfit details: cardigan. tank. jeans. mules. earrings. purse.

First, I figured I should share why I was nervous about this trend and not just leave y’all hanging. Honestly, the bold stripes don’t bother me. I am a little weary of horizontal stripes because nobody wants to look bigger than they are, but there are definitely ways that horizontal stripes can look really flattering. pro tip: Make sure the stripes are thick.

frayed hem denim

The frayed hem denim didn’t really scare me either, but the pair of jeans I ordered with the frayed hem definitely scared me. I’m always in skinny jeans, no matter what. It’s just easy and all I know so it’s always what I buy. However, one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley Dorough, shared a pair of curvy, frayed hem, jeans from Madewell and I just had to try. They are now my new favorite pair of jeans.

This is my first pair of Madewell jeans and I am obsessed with them already. The quality is amazing, the fit is amazing, and they have the perfect amount of stretch. The jeans run true to size and I got my regular size (33). Depending on what fit you are wearing, you can style your frayed hem denim a bunch of ways. If you’re wearing a step hem pair, try it with some fun booties. An ankle length pair would look really good with flats or mules. A good straight leg or skinny pair will make your legs look miles long with a sleek heel.


bold stripe cardigan

Alright, back to the bold stripe section of this bold stripe + frayed hem topic. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid of adding a little color into your all neutrals closet. Try something new, trust me it’s worth a shot. I love my cardigan from RiffRaff because it’s super soft and lightweight. Here it is at another boutique too.Β  Not to mention, the colors are so vibrant. I love it. Here’s a handful of other bold stripe cardigans I’m loving.


So, moral of the story, don’t sell yourself short, ever, and try something new. Give yourself a chance to feel good and confident. In the end, that goes for all aspects of life, but especially in the dressing room. I hope this gave you all the girl power vibes to get through this week!



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