spring feels

Happy Thursday, y’all! Just wanted to drop in and share a killer piece that you need for spring. More importantly, I wanted to share more with y’all about being vulnerable and what I want this blog to be like for all of us. I shared a little bit on my insta story about how I didn’t take the chance to share some insecurities on my last post. So, here’s my fav spring top and all my spring feels.

I wanted to share some thoughts with y’all that I failed to share on my last post. I’m just like everyone else, I have major insecurities and just because I gathered up the nerve to start Keeping It Caitlin, doesn’t mean I’m fearless. It’s actually a little bit of the opposite a lot of the time. Keeping It Caitlin is a place where a normal girl who wears the average American size (size 12 or 14) and loves clothes and sales.

I still get frustrated with how I look in pictures and question how y’all will respond to what I look like and what I share with y’all.

But sometimes I feel like a total babe and am so excited to share a look with y’all. Either way, I want to be someone you know that will always keep it super real and relatable. That’s honestly my favorite thing about some bloggers I follow. The ones constantly sharing their Gucci purchases and Valentino shoes are fun to see every once in a while, but it gets old. I don’t want to get old with y’all. I want to grow old with y’all. I want and will strive to be your go-to girl for body positivity and just being your best self. Let’s lean on each other along the way?

So, enough ranting about my feels. Here’s the gist. I’m here for y’all. Y’all are here for me. Be as honest as you want. Share your thoughts, ideas, feels, and opinions. I’ll do the same.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled fashion post. P.S. this top is under $30.

This top makes me feel so amazing. It’s got the most perfect sleeves and is a super flattering peplum style. It’s the perfect spring top, even though spring doesn’t last long around here. I paired it with my fav black jeans and new go-to shoes┬áthat you can find on this post.

It’s so easy to throw on and look put together, which is always a plus for me. And it’s finally a top where horizontal stripes actually work.




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