spring trend: overalls

Hey y’all! Today we’re traveling back to the early 2000’s. Just kidding, but it kinda feels like it. Overalls are a trend that I never thought I would be into, but I had to try it just one more time. (The first time was in elementary school with a waterfall hair-do and a Limited Too graphic tee). So this time I stepped up my overall game, gave the spring trend another try, and wanted to share the verdict with y’all.

I bought this darling overall dress from ASOS, which is becoming my new fav place to shop. I’m wearing a 14, so they run true to size. They’re so fun and can be worn so many different ways. I decided to style them for a casual look because y’all know I like to be as casual as possible. What’s new? Casual is life. 

I paired my overall dress with a simple t-shirt and my fav wedges and bag that you can shop here.

Y’all also already know that the dress life is my favorite, so that’s why I went with an overall dress. However, there are so many different styles of overalls, so don’t worry if the dress isn’t for you.

I’m sharing a few of my favorite denim ones below, but you can get overalls in literally every style. Think Bubba Gump’s shrimp list, but in overall form. I’ll spare y’all the varieties.

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I love that you can really put these overalls with anything and it’s such a fun outfit. The only thing is that this pair doesn’t give you much shape, but I was still a fan. Overall, (get it) I’m diggin’ the spring overall trend. I can’t wait to share more spring trends with y’all! Comment below if there are any trends you’re dying to see.




  1. I can never find overalls that fit so I’m so glad you posted this, is it really short in the back or is it easy to move in?

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