five fav ways to love

Regardless of your relationship status, there are ways to find the good in everything, even on Valentine’s Day. That’s why I’m sharing 5 easy and thoughtful ways to love and have the best Valentine’s Day no matter your relationship status. Also, sharing the details of my sister and I’s adorable Valentine’s get up.

my socks, top, and shorts. her socks, top, and shorts.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m so excited that it’s my first Valentine’s Day as a married gal, but I can easily remember the times where Valentine’s Day was a “single gals get drunk” day. We’ve all been there. But no matter your plans this Valentine’s Day, consider these five easy way for spreading some love y’all.

  1. Spend time with someone you love. Sounds easy, but spend some time with someone you aren’t always around or someone that you haven’t caught up with lately. I got to see my sister for a night and being around the people you love just makes life so much better.
  2. Send a card. It’s so simple, but so personal. Going to the store and picking out a cute card is so fun and it will make someone’s day. Even if you don’t have time to get to the post office, you can send handwritten cards through Handwrytten, it’s so worth checking out.
  3. Pay it forward. When you’re grabbing that morning Starbucks, pay for the person behind you. When you’re at the grocery store, grab something yummy to bring to work for coworkers or to drop off at a local fire station to show your appreciation for others.
  4. Treat yourself. Whether it’s something big like a well-deserved facial, or picking up a new bath bomb and bottle of wine, treat yourself. So often we forget to love ourselves, and it takes a toll on how we love others. So go ahead and indulge.
  5. Treat someone else. It goes along with spending time with someone else, but treating someone else to something special is so important too. If you don’t know the 5 Love Languages, you can read about them here. Whether it’s your best friend, your boyfriend, or your husband, tap into what they would love and treat them to something they will truly appreciate. It’s the obvious Valentine’s Day move, but it can be so much better if you know what your partner truly wants.

Not that I don’t love time with J, but seeing my sister definitely made my Valentine’s Day. Since she’s in Louisiana and I’m in Houston, we have made sure to see each other, but it’s never enough. So when she came into town before her flight to D.C., I spoiled us with Valentine’s jammies and candy while we caught up on Grey’s Anatomy together.



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