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Y’all. I’m SO excited to share a post about all the wedding details of my big day because they are my favorite part of any wedding. This is how you make your wedding, your wedding. It is so fun to be able to see the bride and grooms personality through all the details they choose.

So, let’s dive right in. I’m going to share a bunch of my details and some ideas for y’all too. And as always, these photos are by my amazing photographer. And if you want to know more about my wedding basics, you can read them here.

For me, I wanted my details to be unique, but very cohesive. Throughout the invitations, programs, and wedding signage I made sure that the fonts of everything went together. J thought I was crazy, but to me, it made a big difference.

We got our invitations from this Etsy store and our programs and all of our day-0f prints through this one. Smitten Paper Props was amazing to work with too. We printed everything ourselves just to save money.

I’m a huge fan of creative invitations because it your guests first glimpse at what your big day will be like. And I’m a visual person so it’s just natural that I love wedding invitations.

Also, I used rose gold throughout so many details of the wedding and it really brought it all together. I framed all of my day-of signage in rose gold frames that I found at different stores (most from Home Goods)  just to add to the look too. Easy moments like this aren’t expensive and are great wedding details.

I used Etsy like it was going out of style for my wedding. There’s just something so personal about the people on Etsy and I loved working with all the vendors.

Your guest book is a great way to showcase your personal style, too. I love that there are so many different kinds of guest books out there now and it’s something that can add to the creativity and theme of your big day.

I am forever obsessed with our “guest book“. J and I met in college in East Texas, where pine trees are a big deal. So when I found this custom pine tree print that doubles as a guest book I was sold. It’s so cool because from across the room it just looks like a pine tree, but when you’re up close you can see all the needles are made of guest signatures.

Here’s a more classic guest book that is gorgeous. And one that I almost went with that is so fun.

Depending on your venue, there are different ways to add personal touches to the space. I was so lucky to have this nook to decorate and it was one of my favorite wedding details. I had close family friends offer to decorate it so I wouldn’t have to worry about it, which made it even better!

 We used the nook to share our lives with our guests. We gathered memories like my “going home from the hospital” outfit and J’s pee-wee football jersey and a game ball to share our childhood. It was a perfect way to display baby pictures, engagement pictures, and photos of two important people that weren’t physically with us on our wedding day.

Besides our vows, this was such a sentimental part of our wedding and a perfect chance to share who we are with our guests.

Even if your venue doesn’t have a space for something like this, you can always create a little table with pictures and memories for guests to see how you’ve grown up and now grown together.

The one thing everyone loves to see at any wedding is, cake. Duh. And I loved being able to customize ours to fit our vision and theme. I knew I wanted a semi-naked cake just because it went so well with our more casual, boho look. To make it different, I wanted the peach drippings and the flowers added just made it so organic and garden-like. I’m biased, but I am seriously still obsessed with it. We also opted for a natural cake topper that we got here and was a perfect simple wedding detail.

J’s cake was a combination of our college logo, his fraternity flag, and his fraternity’s song written along the sides. It was of course, all chocolate. The groom’s cake is such a fun way to show all of his favorite things in one place.

And literally last, but not least. Our place card setting was our last minute wedding detail. . I saw so many place card ideas, but decided to mix a couple of ideas together to create ours last minute. I spent like 2 hours walking around Hobby Lobby trying to make sure my idea would work and in the end, I loved it. We used styrofoam boards, hot glue, and moss to create the  base and printed the place cards ourselves.

Some of my other favorite wedding details included custom koozies, custom champagne flutes and outfits for my girls while we got ready( my MOH made our shirts and I got our shorts on super sale from Old Navy). We also incorporated a sparkler send off and a cute banner on our golf cart for our exit.

There are so many little things that I want to share with y’all, but I don’t want to write a chapter book for y’all to read!

My biggest advice is to think from start to finish about what you can add in.

We created welcome bags for out of town guests that included different “Texas” items including custom cookies and a “do not disturb” sign for their hotel door.

This article shares so many ideas that are perfect for adding wedding details into your big day. And if you read all this, you’re a gem and I love y’all.



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