holiday statement makers.

I want to show y’all three different ways to wear a killer pair of earrings for any occasion this holiday season. I recently bought these bad boys half off,  but they’re back up to full price. ugh. BUT, they’re still freakin’ adorable and under $40 even full-priced. Soooo, it’s a no-brainer.

No matter your plans for Christmas or whatever holiday you’re celebrating, it never hurts to look amazing. But don’t think you won’t catch me in my jammies every chance I get. Unfortunately, nobody writes a blog post about their favorite LSU sweatshirt and walmart pajama shorts so here we are. Trust me, this post is much more interesting. 

Just on a personal note, I’ve been struggling with self confidence and body positivity this holiday season. I nearly drove everyone around me insane with the constant need for affirmation of how I looked in a Christmas party dress or whether hot yoga was making my double chin smaller or not. *serious things i ask*. So from one struggling young woman to maybe another, just be you. That’s how you were created to be. I forget that so often and no matter how many loved ones tell me I look great or I’m smokin’ hot, the only voice that makes me feel at peace with my body is my own. I forget that even though I haven’t made it to yoga class in a week because of traveling, parties, and friends in town, I’m still working on myself in different ways. Just don’t forget how important it is to be grateful for yourself this holiday season, along with all the other things. Loving yourself is the best way to be loved by others. But don’t be super vain, that ain’t cute.

Now back to the stuff you actually came to see. Here’s my ideal Christmas casual look, which isn’t a real category, but i think I just made it happen. This t-shirt is my favorite, but I bought it last year and it’s completely sold out. fail. But I linked a couple of my current favorites that won’t disappoint. This outfit screams “I’m here and I’m cute, but I didn’t try that hard” and that’s usually what I go for. These comfy jeans and the jean jacket are on sale too. And these leather vans have never lead me astray. They are damn comfortable and an easy shoe when you’re running around doing holiday things.

This is my go-to look for when my mom doesn’t think I’m dressed up enough for whatever holiday hoopla we’re doing. You know that look of like “that’s what you’re wearing?“, I feel like we all can relate. Luckily, this is my slightly nicer, more put-together outfit that is soo comfortable and easy to wear too. This gingham top never disappoints and the tie up arms with bell sleeves, I mean come on. It’s also on super sale, so buy it.

Lastly, the cherry on top of the holiday outfit sundae is this little number. I had a fashion milestone this week and bought my first bodysuit. I’m big time now. I have never been on board with the onesie trend,  but I saw this velvet dream at Madewell, tried it on, and the rest is history. And then I went to link it online and it’s sold out. Literally so frustrating because I get excited because I’m being trendy and then fail at being a blogger because it’s sold out. But I did link this super similar one. I love this soft look that still says “I was born for the holidays”.

shop everything below. merry christmas ya beautiful people. caitlin.

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