4th of July favorites

Baby, you’re a firework! Since 4th of July is literally NEXT week, I thought it was about time to round of my favorite stars and stripes. I usually love a low-key Independence Day look, but I found the best tee EVER, that won me over. So I’m going all patriotic with my 4th of July favorites.

If I was dressing really cute for the 4th, this is what I would wear. My $10 bodysuit is available online in a tie dye print. I love these red tassel earrings and they’re such a steal! And because, Texas, my hair will be up no matter the outfit. There’s nothing worse than peeling sweaty hair off your back in the summer. If you’re going to the pool, swap out my bodysuit for a swimsuit and you’re good to go.

*you can shop my whole outfit right here*

So, can you guess what I’m wearing for Independence Day? I’ll give you a hint, BEND and SNAP!

Last 4th of July, we hungout at our house and it rained all day long. Welcome to Houston. Jack was so stinkin’ little, so we all just had lunch and hungout. This year, it will be more hanging out and eating, but hopefully we’ll be able to shoot off some fireworks and chase little J around.

I can sometimes talk myself out of a purchase, but any excuse to wear Elle Woods, I’ll take it. I have been a fan of the boutique that makes these tees for a long time, so it’s even sweeter. I’m going full casual, so I’m pairing it with my favorite denim shorts.

If you’re dressing up, I would recommend this halter romper. It will be so cute with wedges and a statement earring. If you’re splurging, get this super star dress. You can wear it about 100 different ways.

honorable mentions

*basically everything else that wouldn’t fit on the collage*



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