NSale Picks

It’s here. The most talked about sale ever. Literally.So here’s the low-down.

I’m taking all the fluff out of this post and focusing on what you want. The goods. Here it is, my NSale Picks. This is my first time shopping as a blogger, which isn’t that much different than before. I’m still as serious about scoring a deal, but now I just have y’all to report back to and share the details. I like this way a lot better.

Okay, enough of the sappy.

Below are the pieces that I seriously have my eye on just from the previews I’ve seen. I won’t buy them all (at one time), but they are pieces that everyone needs in their closet. I know I need to update my denim collection and I seriously need a new pair of sneaks.

If you are only shopping when it’s released to the public in a little over a week, head here to get your sale fix for now.

I’m trying to stay away from all the extra things that I will only wear a couple times and stick to the basics. I know a lot of bloggers are also covering basics, but you won’t see any pieces over $100 on Keeping It Caitlin. No matter how good the sale and how bad I might want something, the wallet (and husband) think otherwise. Which I usually talk myself out of those major purchases anyways.*keyword is usually.

Tomorrow morning I will be switching out this preview for a round-up that you can shop from. But for now, here’s what I’m loving so far.

UPDATE: I bought the first three things I’m sharing below, (Sneakers, bra, and jeans) but I found a handful of perfect staple pieces that are a steal too!

Happy Shopping!

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