the most 2020 gifts

It’s been a hell of a year. So much so, that 2020 deserves its own gift guide because I think we’ve earned an extra gift or two under the tree. Everyone has a new normal and all these gifts are perfect additions to any new routine. So, these are the most 2020 gifts that anyone would love.

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the most 2020 gifts

face mask + chain // The essentials. I just started using my pearl face mask chain and it’s a game changer. It’s wild that we’re gifting masks, but they’re probably the most practical gift you could give. I get some of my favorite masks from RiffRaff, of course.

lap desk // A lap desk is the perfect gift for some many, but definitely for the work from home newbie. This under $50 desk has a cushion bottom and extra slot for your phone.

oversized wine glasses // These Olivia Pope style wine glasses are just what we need after this year. These are definitely a top contender in the most 2020 gifts. Pair with your favorite bottle of vino and enjoy.

leopard robe // Can’t get enough leopard, but make it cozy. This robe is perfect for year round wear. Even better, it comes in regular and plus sizes. If leopard isn’t your thing, it comes in other patterns. This would also make a perfect gift for the gal in your life.

gel mani kit // Okay, any girl from age 10-100 would adore this gift. I for one haven’t seen the inside of the nail salon in a hot minute. If you know someone who hasn’t perfected the at home mani this year, this is your kit.

touchless tool // The most 2020 stocking stuffer, the touchless tool. This attaches to your keychain and can be used to open doors, sign on a keypad, press buttons, and lots more. Perfect for the germaphob in your life.

clay mask // Maskne is real and even the clearest skin needs a little TLC after all this mask wearing. This purifying clay mask is my go-to when I start breaking out. Works well for all skin types.

uv sanitizer // Honestly, 2020 has taught me that everything is a germ source, but especially our phones. This UV sanitizer kills germs and is perfect for small devices.

So there ya have it, the most 2020 gifts. Never thought I’d be putting face masks and sanitizers on a gift guide, but here we are. Check out my small business gift guide and the best gifts for men for more gift ideas.



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