best give back gifts

In honor of Giving Tuesday, I thought there’s no better post than to share the best give back gifts. I know there’s so many ways to give back, but it’s gifting season and there’s no easier way to give back than when you’re checking loved ones off your list. So, I’m sharing a couple pieces from some of my favorite ‘give back’ brands and sharing what you’re giving back to when you shop them.

give back gifts

Everlane // This brand does SO much good, it’s unreal. This is a ‘new to me’ brand and I’m here for all the good work they’re doing. They have men’s and women’s pieces, so you can grab something for everyone!

The Little Words Project // These bracelets are so cool and equally trendy. Each bracelet comes with a tracking number and the point is to meet new women and pass on the bracelets and some girl power loving. You can even go on their website and look up a bracelet and see what others gained through the gift. It’s so cool and just so much female empowerment.

Spanx // Not that I needed to love Spanx even more, but they’re such a good give back gift. Their CEO, Sara Blakey, gave 5 million dollars to women owned businesses across the country this year. If that doesn’t give you a reason to shop Spanx, I don’t know what does. Well, besides their faux leather leggings.

Tatcha // Tatcha is known for their BOMB skincare and I love their products. I didn’t know that they are super passionate about providing educational resources to girls across the country. Read more here.

Kendra Scott // Kendra Scott just might be the ultimate give back brand. They do ‘give back events’ year round that you can host at your local KS store. Their employees do tons of local charity work and are super active in the Children’s Hospital in Houston. Truly one of the best brands ever.

Cheers to gifting special items to others while making a difference in the world. I love good give back gifts, if ya couldn’t tell. Legit the best of both worlds. Happy shopping y’all! Click HERE to check out more of my gift guides.


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