holiday decor DIY

Y’all might have seen little peeks of our holiday decor on Instagram, but I just transformed our gold shelf and it might be my favorite part of the whole living room now. Plus, I used things we already had, which almost never happens haha! I’ve been dying to share how I did this holiday decor DIY, so keep scrolling to see it. It’s quick and super easy.

You can do this in really any space you have. It will work on a shelf, in a book case, or mantle. Whatever you’ve got, just plug this stuff in! 

p.s. my ruffle sweater is under $30!

holiday decor DIY // canvas

First, I started with a blank canvas. I already had a pack around #craftingprobs but you can get them at hobby lobby or Amazon. 

Then, take your favorite wrapping paper, lay it flat, and trim around the canvas to just leave a little extra to fold over. 

Fold over the paper and tape it down to the back of the canvas. I just used tape so it’s not permanent and I can change it next year. If you want it to last a couple years, use glue. 

Trim down the edges and fold them like a present. And you’re done. Literally so easy and an inexpensive way to add some holiday decor. 

holiday decor DIY // framed art

The picture frame is literally the easiest holiday decor diy ever. Instead of a photo, just cut another wrapping paper strip in place of a photo. I used a matted large picture frame, but you can use any size. It just makes more of a statement in a larger frame. 

On the shelf, I make sure everything is at staggering heights and different textures to add dimension. I added some nutcrackers and bottle brush trees that I’ll link below. 

And that’s it. Literally the easiest holiday decor DIY that takes maybe 30 minutes. Don’t forget to click HERE for all things holiday and gifts. 



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