15 things on sale that are better than the NSale

Okay, I know I’m covering all things NSale, but honestly, I went searching for some similar pieces on sale, and struck gold. Every year, I personally put a lot of pressure on myself to shop and spend money, but this reminded me that NSale isn’t that crucial. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but tell me what you think after you read through these 15 things on sale. You just might think they’re even better than the Nordstrom Sale version.

*click the + icon on each piece to shop.

These are all pieces similar to things already sold out in the sale. Knee high boots, faux leather jackets, and quality blazers are always big sellers in the sale. But again, if you don’t want to drive yourself crazy stalking pieces to get restocked, save yourself the trouble and just shop these already on sale pieces.

Honestly, these prices are UNREAL. The Greta Mule was a best seller at the Nordstrom Sale last year. Now, it’s 80% off, making it under $20. The coral Free People sweater comes in a bunch of colors, including a black and white stripe that’s exactly like another FP sweater in the sale. Except, the one I found is $25 cheaper than the Nordstrom Sale one.

Basically, I just wanted you to know that I love covering the NSale. However, there are always great deals. So don’t worry about being a cardholder or things selling out. There’s amazing deals that you can snag now!



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