recent amazon randoms

Hey y’all! Okay, quick little post for your Thursday night. Here’s a round up of some recent amazon randoms that I’ve ordered and been loving. I’m chatting about why I love them and why they’re definitely worth adding to your cart. Does anyone else feel like they can tell a lot about a person based on their Amazon orders?

recent amazon randoms

detailed daily planner// Okay, so I recently got this planner and it’s not really the typical planner, but I love it. It’s not dated, but you fill in the dates and you can start the planner at whatever month you want. The sections are broken down by month, week, and day, with goals and reflection spaces on each page. Highly recommend. And if I’m not explaining it well, I’m showing y’all over on stories.

heart rattan earrings// I recently shared these in an Instagram post and I can’t get enough of them. They’re under $12 and the perfect summer statement earring. You saw them on an Instagram post the other day and I can’t stop wearing them.

polka dot tiered dress// I’m obsessed with this easy dress from Amazon. It’s actually from their in-house brand Goodthreads and the quality is amazing. It’s not the typical, super cheap price, but it’s under $40 and worth every penny. I’m wearing an xxl.

makeup brush cleanser// I ordered this for all my Brown Sugar Bronzed brushes, but holy heck I just washed all my brushes with it. I was using the Beauty Blender cleanser and always felt like I had to use a ton of the soap to get all the junk out. With this cleanser, I need a quarter size and sometimes that’s even a little too much. I highly recommend.

What are some of your recent amazon randoms? Tell me in the comments! I love hearing about all the different gems everyone finds on Amazon. Hope y’all have a good rest of the week!



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