10 date night ideas for quarantine (and after)

Even though places are opening back up, I know I won’t be hitting up the movie theater or bowling alley for a while. So what about date nights? I’m sharing 10 date night ideas for quarantine (and after) that you can do with your partner, your friends, and your family. Plus, what weekly date night we have started during quarantine and some essentials to order for your new date night adventures!

date night ideas

1. picnic date// Since this whole thing started, it’s made me remember how much I love picnic dates. Pick up some groceries curbside, put together a picnic charcuterie board, or pack your fave snacks. There’s so many ways to create an easy picnic date. Extra points if you put your phone in the basket and just enjoy the person you’re with. I found an insulated picnic basket and waterproof blanket for the best modern day picnic.

2. movie date// The classic movie date, but pandemic edition. Grab your favorite movie snacks and pick out a movie to watch together. You can watch it on tv or go extra with a projector. You can project it onto a wall or set up a white sheet in your backyard for an outdoor movie night. I found an under $70 portable projector and linked it below in my date night essentials.

3. craft night date// I shared a bunch of really fun DIY projects on this post and they make for great at home date night activities.

4. game night date// Self explanatory, but maybe order a new game off Amazon to try something new!

5. craft cocktail date// A good date only gets better with cocktails. My family loves trying out new cocktail recipes together and it makes for a fun date night with anyone in your life. I linked a really good cocktail recipe book in my essentials below!

6. pool date// Being near water is my happy place and now that our pool is back open, I’m in major need of a pool date. I love to head to the pool with J, but especially love catching up with my sister/ best friends with a pool date.

7. driving date// This is what we do weekly! We usually grab dinner to go and then drive around and find a spot to hangout. Which turns it into a picnic date haha. But this is perfect for exploring your town, finding new spots, and uninterrupted conversations. We go every Tuesday and it just makes you happy knowing you have something to look forward to.

8. new recipe date// If you can share the kitchen, trying out a new recipe is a great date night idea. Plus, if you’re trying a new recipe then you’re both learning and nobody is taking control. (: I linked the new Magnolia Table cookbook below because you can’t go wrong with any recipe in there.

9. drive in date// This one basically combines the driving date and the movie date. Pack up a blanket or two, some snacks, and a laptop. Find a spot and set up in the backseat or bed of your truck and watch a movie. Disclaimer: find a place that won’t be considered trespassing. It helps if you don’t get arrested on date night haha. We usually go up to the top of a parking garage! Then you can watch the sunset too.

10. spa date// Another one you can do with your partner or with gal pals. Make homemade face masks, hair masks, or whatever else and pamper yourself together. My mom always makes masks from recipes she finds on Pinterest, but I linked one of my favorite face masks below if you’re more of an add to cart kinda girl. Plus, it’s super fun to put together!

date night essentials

outfit details// you can get all my outfit details HERE. This top screams summertime and I’m obsessed. I know it’s not for everyone, but you can totally add a bralette for support underneath or just use fashion tape.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for easy, fun date night ideas! And I want to know if you have any favorite date nights! Tell me below.



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