graphic tees// reals and deals

It’s BAAACKKK! It’s been a hot minute and with everything going on, reals and deals didn’t happen last month, but it’s back and seriously good! I think I say that every time, but they each are so good. This month, I went with a trendy item that you can style a ton of ways, depending on what life looks like for you currently. It also happens to be a super comfy piece to wear. Any guesses yet? This month, we’re talking graphic tee reals and deals! And if you’re wondering how expensive can graphic tees really be? Keep scrolling because I’m wearing a $161 tee that’s identical to a $24 tee. Unreal. 

real tongues tee ($69) // deal tongues tee ($15) // real velvet underground tee ($225) // deal velvet underground tee ($12) // real Def Leppard tee ($161) // deal Def Leppard tee ($35) // real mustang tee ($44) // deal mustang tee ($19) // real Rolling Stones tee ($161) // deal Rolling Stones tee ($24) // real Gucci Mickey tee ($650) // deal Gucci Mickey tee ($30)

**side note: The dupe for the Gucci x Disney shirt is SPOT ON. And I talked to the owner of the Etsy shop and she is a gem! Highly recommend.

graphic tees //reals and deals

Okay, can you tell which graphic tee is over $160 and which one cost me $17? Honestly, they are almost completely identical. But, the first picture is the real tee and the second is the deal tee. I chat about it more over on my Instagram stories, but there’s not $150 worth more quality in the real tee than the deal. The material is a little thicker and it’s distressed, but that’s it. And let’s be honestly, I’ll take a $17 tee and distress it myself if it saves me $150! Speaking of distressing clothes, I have a couple tips HERE if you want to distress your graphic tees!

graphic tees style inspiration

If you’re wondering how to style a good ole graphic tee, look no further. I clearly love mine! (: Some of these photos are more recent and you can shop them in the app. Some are from last year, but it’s just such a good trend I’m going to hold on as long as possible.

I hope y’all loved this edition of reals and deals! I’m thinking we need to make up for lost time and maybe double dip this month! Anyone up for a swimsuit edition? Let’s do it! Have a great start to the week y’all!



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