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Well, now that we all have a lot more time on our hands, I figured it was a perfect chance to go over my current skincare routine with y’all. I can’t lie, up until a year or so ago, I didn’t have a skincare routine. Or know what a serum was. Or really even think about skincare honestly. But, I’ve learned what works for my skin and figured out what serums actually do and other good stuff, so I thought I’d pass it on.

I know a lot of y’all probably know just as much (or more) about skincare, but I’m going to share my current products and maybe you’ll find a new favorite. And if you’re like I was and don’t really have a routine in place, this is a perfect way to get started!

I posted an IGTV here to chat about each product, but I wanted to put it in a post too, just so you have a couple of ways to reference it in the future.

Here’s a little overview of my current skincare routine. Feel free to screenshot these to have on hand! Below I’m going to give a quick overview and links to the products I use and why I love each one.


Olay daily moisturizer// I’ve used this one for a long time and would recommend for normal skin. It’s a drugstore favorite, but doesn’t heal dry spots for me. Love that it has SPF in it.

Firmarine moisturizer// Current favorite moisturizer. SPF 30. Heals dry spots and really hydrates without clogging my pores.

face wash

pixi mud cleanser// Affordable favorite. Really refreshing and smells amazing. Doesn’t dry out my skin.

hydra therapy cleanser// What I’m currently using most. Use a quarter size amount and that’s enough for a lathered wash. Takes off extra makeup that I might miss with the makeup remover wipes.

hydro boost cleanser// I use this once or twice a week to exfoliate. It’s not too harsh on my skin, but really takes off all the dead skin and gives me a fresh face.


hydra therapy serum// Super hydrating, lightweight mix of oils and serum. Plumps and hydrates. Highly recommend.

aha sleep serum// Blend of 15% AHA, so it lifts dead skin and boosts collagen. It has done amazing things for my skin and is my #1 skincare must have.

sleep mask// Lightweight, overnight mask that I usually layer over my aha serum. Super hydrating and revitalizing. Definitely another favorite of mine.

makeup wipes

makeup remover wipes// My favorites are either the Walmart brand wipes or Neutrogena wipes.


under eye patches// My current favorites are these multi task eye masks. 20-30 minutes on and they reduce puffiness and hydrate.

milky mist// I love the pixi milky mist for a midday pick me up. I usually use it when my face is drying out to add some moisture back and give me a dewy makeup look.

versed masks// The perfect, inexpensive masks that gives you up to 12 applications from one package.

Okay, so there it is! My beginners/ current skincare routine along with all the products in currently using. As I try and add new things, I’ll let y’all know and probably update my routine on the blog every six months. I hope this gave you some product inspiration and maybe even helps with your current skincare routine. And feel free to comment below if you want to share your fave products with me!

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