white sneaker trend

How have I not done a post on this trend already? Who even knows. But if you follow along, y’all know I’m a big fan of the white sneaker trend. I wasn’t obsessed with the pair I already had, so when someone asked me to do a blog post on the trend, it was a no brainer. So, below I’m sharing four pairs of white sneakers all under $100 so you can get your fix. I’m talking about what I loved, what I didn’t, and breaking down each shoe so you can find your best fit.

p.s. probably should of taken my trash can out of the photos, but you aren’t living until you have a rose gold trash can. Amiright???

white sneaker trend

** Before we get started, I usually wear a size 9.5 in shoes and have wide feet. **

poppy sneakers, $99

what I love // They are real leather and super chic. The upper and tongue of the shoe are all one piece and it has a raw hem finish. There are no grommets where the laces are, which gives it that elevated look. I’ve been wearing them with everything. Also, cleaned them with a Magic Eraser and it works like a charm.

what I didn’t love // There’s nothing to complain about with these, except I wish they weren’t almost $100. However, I know this brand lasts me YEARS, so it’s worth the cost.

sizing // I’m wearing my true size, 9.5 and they fit perfectly. I also love that even though I have wider feet, they aren’t hanging off the sides of the shoes.

adidas sneaker, $58

what I love // These are the perfect white sneaker if you aren’t super girly. I say that because they’re unisex and the shape is just super neutral, which is a good thing for sure! The canvas material will be easy to clean and they have a shorter bottom if you aren’t into the platform look. They’re all white except the logo on the front, sides, and back. They still have the adidas stripes down the side too.

what I didn’t love // They’re a little too unisex looking for me personally, but they’re still a really good option.

sizing // I got my true size, but would definitely size down a half size. I had a little too much wiggle room.

keds platform sneakers, $52

what I love // These are a great sneaker that’s trendy and seriously comfortable. The platform sole gives you some height and cushion for your soles. Plus, they have special foam inserts that make them super comfy to walk in. The only details that aren’t white are the logo on the tongue and the silver grommets.

what I didn’t love // I think because my feet are wide, the laces wouldn’t tie and if they did it would be the tiniest knot ever. My feet hung over a little too, so if you have a wide foot, keep that in mind.

sizing // I’m wearing my true size, 9.5 and they fit great.

converse dupes, $23.99

what I love // If I hadn’t of kept the Poppy sneakers, I would have kept these for sure! They look so expensive and are literally such a steal. They have a faux leather upper and look almost identical to converse. I feel like these have a little thicker sole, which I like. Since they’re from Amazon, there’s no logos or branding, which I love too. The only part that isn’t white are the silver grommets. They also come in other colors!

what I didn’t love // Honestly, I can’t say anything bad about these. They’re cheap, easy to clean, and a super easy way to do the white sneaker trend.

sizing // Since these only come in whole sizes, I grabbed the 9 and they fit perfectly. So, if you’re in between sizes, size down.

I hope this post helps you navigate the white sneaker trend because it’s one worth trying for sure! Anytime you can look trendy and comfortable, that’s a real win. You’ll be seeing different ways to style my new pair soon, but for now, CLICK HERE to see my latest take on the trend.



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