Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Just when you thought you were done with gifts, it’s about to be Valentine’s Day! I know everyone doesn’t buy or receive gifts for this holiday, but I can’t help it! Plus, I had a couple requests on Instagram, and y’all know I’ll take any excuse to put together a gift guide. So, I’m sharing a bunch of inexpensive, fun, and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Everything is super affordable, but if you’re looking for something really special, I included two splurge gift ideas for guys and gals.

P.s. feel free to forward this post on to your significant other or whoever else to send a little hint for gift ideas.

I’m chatting about each item really quickly below, but these are really gifts for anyone in your life. I wanted to include gifts you could give to coworkers, best friends, parents, and anyone else special in your life.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas // guys gifts

beef jerky heart// only $35 and so fun for guys! Also, very yummy. You can also get it in exotic meats too!

desktop boxing// probably getting this for J. He has desktop bowling and apparently it’s a lot of fun at the office. Cheap and entertaining!

Apple Watch band// A favorite from my guys gift guide over the holidays. Ships with Prime and holds up really well.

Armani cologne// Smells like heaven and this travel size is only $35, so it won’t break the bank.

dwight socks// a must have gift for any Office fan. They’re under $20 too!

camo hat// I would honestly buy this for myself, but it’s a great gift for guys. It’s under $50 and a great gift for any man in your life.

chocolate sushi// This gift is so fun and super unique. Plus it has amazing reviews and looks so yummy.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas// splurge gifts

MCM cardholder// If you’re looking to spoil your guy, but not spend every dollar you have, this is your gift. MCM is on the more affordable end of designer goods and a cardholder is a perfect, useful gift.

Ray Ban sunnies// Perfect for the classic guy in your life. I love the idea of giving some quality sunglasses to someone who wouldn’t usually buy them for themselves.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas // girls gifts

diptyque candle// Officially the prettiest candle ever. It’s under $40 and would be perfect for any gal in your life. Plus, you can use the holder after the candle is completely burnt.

wood bead frame// A gorgeous picture frame with a special photo inside, always a great a gift. And it’s only $15.

venus et fleur flower// You’ve probably seen those on Instagram. They last literally forever and the packaging is just as magical. You can get different sizes and colors, but this size is under $50.

makeup chocolates// Chocolate sushi for the boys, and girly makeup chocolate for the girls. It’s the perfectly unique and yummy gift for any lady.

foam roller water bottle// how genius is this ideas?! It’s a water bottle that doubles as a foam roller. You can even fill it with hot water to relax your muscles while you roll.

tech taffy// Okay this stuff is amazing and a great gift for anyone with a computer or device. Which is everyone. It’s only $11 and J got it in his stocking. It’s so good!

lip mask// A good mask is always a good idea. Plus, the packaging on this lip mask makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas // girls splurge gifts

pearl headband// This is the OG headband that basically started the whole trend. If your girl is a headband fan, this is a perfect gift idea.

initial necklace// Initial and monogram jewelry never goes out of style. You could gift them their own initial or a child’s, husbands, or any other important name.



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