our whimsical Christmas

I’m SO excited to share this little corner of our apartment with y’all. There’s just something about holiday home decor that makes J and I so stinkin’ happy. This year, we’re extra happy with how our whimsical Christmas decor turned out. Almost every night, one of us comments on how pretty our King of Christmas tree is or how we just love this season. We got a new tree this year, so we switched up our holiday home decor theme and I am dying at how it all came together. I’m breaking down all the decor and linking everything just in case you need a little somethin’ for your holiday space.

whimsical Christmas// the tree

I figured I would start with the star of the show, our new tree. King of Christmas is very properly named because look at how gorgeous this tree is on it’s own. They know their Christmas trees. I have dreamed of having a flocked tree and this little babe checks off every box for me. It was super easy to assemble, comes with a storage bag, and is super full. AND it’s not even the fluffiest one they have, if you can believe it. I’m just obsessed and it was the perfect foundation for our holiday home decor.

whimsical Christmas // tree trimmings

Confession: I stressed over our theme way too hard. Like embarrassingly stressed. We’ve done super neutral holiday decor in the past, but when we went to Decorator’s Warehouse, I fell in love with the more colorful tree trimmings. And definitely had buyer’s remorse, until I put it all together.

p.s. if you live in DFW, make a trip to Decorator’s Warehouse.

Anyways, once I got it all together, I fell in love. I was able to incorporate some of the neutral decor I already had to fill the space, but my new pieces added some color and whimsy.

I got all the tree trimmings at Decorator’s Warehouse, except for the neutral ornaments and tree topper, but I found similar pieces to everything and I’m linking them below.

pro tip: do everything in odd numbers. If you like everything really symmetrical, you’re probably cringing, but it looks way more organic and natural when you decorate in odd numbers.

Honestly, since our tree was so full on it’s own, I didn’t use a ton of ornaments, which I love. That way I focused on some statement ornaments and minimal fillers.

Also, am I the only person who could redo their ornaments everyday? Even looking at these photos I’m thinking about what I should move around. GEEZ.

Okay, did y’all DIE over the tree topper? I’m so obsessed that I had to match it for photos haha. I usually go more traditional, but I saw this fun toboggan topper and knew it was perfect for our whimsical theme. It also comes in red and is super lightweight!

whimsical Christmas//console decor

Basically, for our media console, I kept up some of our lanterns and photos, but added the garland. I filled the empty spots with our bottlebrush trees and reindeer. Then, I just took extra ornaments and placed them around.

I found the ‘Merry Christmas’ banner in the Dollar Spot at Target and it’s not online for me to link. But, it went perfectly with everything else, so I had to have it. It ties it all together with literally every color we used, so basically the cherry on top of our holiday home decor. I’m linking a similar one below.

I hope y’all felt the Christmas spirit seeing our holiday home decor. And yes, this corner of the apartment was the only photo ready spot haha. It’s the place we hangout the most, so it got the most attention.



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