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We are so excited to be sending out our first holiday cards this year and I would have been lost without Zola. Literally, they make the holiday card process way less overwhelming and super easy, especially for first timers like me. P.S. keep reading for a BIG holiday discount code just for you!

This post is sponsored by Zola, but all thoughts are my own.

There are so many holiday cards to choose from now, which is a blessing and a curse. It’s great to have choices, but I’ve literally gone down a holiday card rabbit hole for hours scrolling through different sites.

You may have heard of Zola before, but here’s a quick run down. They are a one stop wedding shop for basically everything you need from engagement to honeymoon. Until now. They just launched their holiday card suite and I was instantly obsessed. I love the ability to completely customize your cards with different fonts and you can switch up the text placement to best compliment your photo.

We went with the Amelie design and switched up the font and wording to say “Happiest Holidays” with a custom note on the back. Also, love that it’s a postcard. I just think they are fun and not dealing with envelopes makes it that much easier. Use code: ZOLAHOLIDAY50 for 50% off your order!

However, picking out the card design might be easier than deciding what to wear to actually take your photos. I searched high and low for exactly what I wanted, but I had a vision in mind from the beginning. I wanted to wear something a little over the top, but mix it up by being barefoot and not totally glam. Thankfully, one of our close family friends lives on the lake, so we just went out with our tripod and remote and made it happen. I’m obsessed with how they came out. I do have a couple tips when it comes to outfit selection for holiday cards though.

holiday card outfit tips

  1. mix and you’ll match// I love mixing prints everyday, but think it’s especially fun for family photos. It works best when you have more than two people though. If you’re just shooting with your significant other, stick to one person wearing print.
  2. over do the makeup// If you don’t usually take pictures and post them on the internet (@me), you might not know that overdoing your makeup will make it show up more in photos. I’m not saying go full drag, but don’t be afraid to add a little more blush or contour.
  3. movement matters// Regardless of your holiday card vision, I think it’s crucial to wear something that has movement to it. My tulle skirt definitely nailed the movement thing, but think flowy tops, skirts, or sweaters. It gives your photos personality and feels less posed.
  4. don’t overthink it// J and I took a ton of photos (see below) and our favorites were the candids. Don’t overthink it, just show off personalities. You don’t have to hire a photographer or find the most gorgeous scenery around, people that receive your card just want to see you.
here’s some outtakes that didn’t make the cut.
hands in the pockets isn’t a good look.
I look crazy.
actually one of our favs, but loved the full body shots more.

Okay so basically when it comes to holiday cards, don’t overthink it, have fun, and use Zola because they make it way easier. I am addressing our cards tonight and can’t wait to send them out!

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