autumn casual essentials

I’ve been dying to share this outfit with y’all in a post. I’m breaking down autumn casual outfit essentials that include some of my favorite things. You can take away certain pieces of this look or style the whole thing for a fall outing. Either way, this look has cute apple picking, pumpkin patching, cider sipping goodness written all over it.

Can I just say, I’m obsessed with this outfit. It’s literally so easy and actually affordable. It’s really the perfect autumn casual look because I feel like layers are key in the fall. Sometimes it warms up in the afternoon, but by sunset, it’s getting chilly again. So you have the option to take off the scarf, jacket, or both.

autumn casual essentials

The two stars of this autumn casual show are the green utility jacket and leopard combat boots. They are fall/winter staples that are easy to wear and pull together any outfit.

autumn casual// leopard combat boots

I want to tell you that I’m going to wear these combat boots every day I possibly can, but I have to keep it real with y’all. My feet are too wide to feel comfortable in these, so they’re going back. If you don’t have wide feet, I can’t recommend these enough. The quality is amazing and the details are dreamy. They’re just such an investment, I don’t want to keep wearing them in hopes that they loosen up. my leopard combat boots. If you love the idea of leopard combat boots for an autumn casual essential, but don’t love the price tag, don’t worry. Here are some other leopard combat boots that are more budget friendly:

Another must have for autumn casual essentials are these olive military jackets. Or anoraks or utility jackets or whatever you want to call them. Either way, they’re timeless and so versatile. Mine is a couple years old from Target, but here are some other really great ones.

My grey knit skirt is super cozy and it’s been on repeat lately. There’s so many ways to wear it. Here’s some inspiration.



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