drugstore beauty favs

Going to NYFW, I needed to step up my beauty game, but on a budget. *enter new drugstore beauty favs* I usually don’t stray far from my usual favorites in the beauty department, but my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of affordable and quality drugstore beauty items. So, I’m sharing what I’ve been loving since my trip and a little something special for y’all too.

I just posted a whole video HERE, but I’m breaking it down below just in case you missed it. (:

drugstore beauty favs

Glow Mud Cleanser// I feel like I’m late to jump on the Pixi bandwagon, but I’m here now and living for this face wash. It’s super refreshing and light, but I don’t feel like I need a bunch to actually clean my face. It’s a perfect, not runny consistency too, so it actually makes it on your face. Always helpful right?

Hydrating Milky Mist// Basically exactly what the bottle says. It’s a super moisturizing mist that gives dry skin some extra hydration. I used it a bunch in New York because I knew my face would get super dry from traveling and wearing makeup constantly. You can use it after you wash your face and before moisturizer. Also, if your skin gets dry under your makeup, this is a perfect midday refresher to hydrate.

What A Melon Hydrator// Another NYFW life saver. I usually use an Olay moisturizer, but ventured out with this Bliss water-based one and LOVE it. I’ve tried other, way more expensive, water moisturizers before, but they haven’t worked nearly as well as this one. It’s super light, but you can lather it on, almost like a mask. Or just use it lightly depending on how dry your skin is. Also, the watermelon smell is ultra refreshing.

e.l.f. Poreless Primer// If you take nothing else away from this post, here’s the most crucial nugget of info. This primer is a MUST HAVE. Hands down, the best primer I’ve ever used. And the best $6 I’ve ever spent. Literally, it’s so inexpensive and I’ve never had my makeup stay so perfectly over a 10 hour day. I will never do my makeup without it from now on.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara// Another holy grail item that works magic without breaking the bank. It’s actually an OG drugstore beauty fav for me. I used this mascara for years and then switched to some of my more expensive favorites like this one, but I keep coming back to this budget friendly babe. It gives major length and the brush helps to separate your lashes so you’re not going to clump.

Each & Every Deodorant// Okay, this last one isn’t a drugstore beauty fav, but only because you can’t get it at the drugstore. It’s still one of my new beauty favs and deserves all the praises. I’ve tried other natural deodorant and I can’t even describe the way it made me smell, ew. But I’ve been using this deodorant in the Coconut and Lime and I am converted. It’s so much better for you than regular deodorant and even breaks down every ingredient on the back. Even through working retail for hours and running around in the Texas heat, it keeps me fresh. Use code: CAITLIN to get 20% off your order!



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